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There is an eternal bond between you and your partner and it is obvious that there will be times when your partner may get angry on you. That is a also an adventurous phase of a relationship where you have to use all your skills to get things going.

Here are a few tips that will help to seduce your partner if he/she is angry.

Talk about your Fantasies

Our actions are the reflection of what’s going in our mind. Talk about your wildest dreams and fantasies that will get your partner thinking. You can also make up stories that your think will turn on your partner as you must be knowing after spending so much time together.

Text Dirty

We all text a lot of hot and passionate things while we are in the building phase of a new relationship. This can work again to seduce your partner. Text him dirty that will indulge his/her mind into the best time you spent together on the bed.

Touch Yourself

No matter how angry your partner is, once you start to touch yourself the rush of hormones will wipe out all the hard feelings and get him in the mood. It is just too irresistible for anyone to see his/her partner wanting him so badly.

Expose yourself

Do not get yourself naked but let him know that you very well prepared to be naked. Get off your bra or panties or both in front of him and just get on something that barely covers you. Get nice baby dolls looks and invite him to the bed.

Talk about your Hot Memories

Indulge your partner and take him back to the hottest time you spent together on the bed. You can also talk about your honeymoon or vacations that your spent together with sizzling sex.

Make Eye Contact

Sometimes your eyes can be the best messenger that can convey more than words. In fact a quick eye contact is worth thousands of workers and can bring a smile to your partner’s face. Talk with your eyes and do not let yourself get away from his/her eyesight.

Try Red

Red is the ultimate color of love and seduction that is just irresistible for your partner no matter how angry he is. Go out in hot red lingerie. Buy one if you do not have one as it is a must-have an asset.

Plan a special welcome

Surprise your partner when he or she gets back to home. Rearrange things, especially in your bedroom. Get in candles, roses and lots of fragrance that is a natural mood lifter. The surroundings can change your mind and get you rid of all the harsh feelings. Get a bouquet of red roses.


There is nothing more irresistible than teasing your partner and not making him/her realize what he or she is missing out. Walk past in short inviting outfit that will convey him/her what is in your mind.


If nothing works out, go back to the classical way. Try to sort out things say sorry and give him/her a passionate kiss. A lovely touch is most effective in changing the mood of your partner. Persist with your strategy as one kiss may not be enough, but can surely trigger out love.