To love and to be loved, are the most beautiful things one can ask for. But it is not the same when one needs to express his love to the girl he loves. It takes real guts to approach a girl and make her fall for us. It is really nerve racking to find the exact way as of how to propose our girl. So to make things easier for you, we have some ideas which would help you win over the girl whom you love the most.

Making Sure

The first and foremost thing one should do is to make sure if you have really fallen for the girl. It is normal getting attracted to a girl. But it takes someone really special to make you fall for her. One or two months just don’t do it. Make sure you have at least spent some ample amount of time, say six months.  You can always take plenty of time before you decide but once you have decided stick on to it. Make it happen.


When it comes to choosing between a random stranger and a well known person, girls go for the latter. It is pretty obvious isn’t it? To make a girl accept your love, you should first earn her trust. How to earn her trust? Once you have decided that she is the girl for you, try to make a conversation with her. Nobody can just go directly and propose a girl.

You should learn her completely before letting those three precious words. Know her whereabouts, her friends, her family, her likes and dislikes. Strike a conversation with her on the topic she is interested in. Take it one at a time. It is good to keep it slow. Help her during tough times. At the same time don’t be so needy and desperate for a relationship. Girls hate that. Getting bonded to a girl before proposing her is really good and it also makes things easier for you.

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The preparation

Without proper preparation and planning everything will be a disaster. So make a check list as of when to propose? Where to propose? How to propose? Can you imagine yourself eating your breakfast in the afternoon? You can’t right?! This lets you understand the importance of time. Make sure the timing of your proposal is right. Time once gone is gone forever.  Next decide on the place of proposal. The atmosphere of the surroundings is also crucial in making a proposal. The best places would be:

  • First place, the best place:

Take her to the place where you both first met. This can be really good because it will bring back some cherished memories.

  • The beach:

Beach is always a romantic place to take a girl too. The gentle breeze and the sound of the waves twirling will ease around the situation.

  • A romantic dinner:

Who doesn’t like to eat? Order her favorite dish. Make her comfortable and feel special about the occasion.

  • Her favorite place:

Taking your girl to her favorite place automatically boosts her mood. Now just go along with it.

  • Spiritual place:

Seems weird? Normally girls are very spiritual. Anything said in a holy place is always special to them. This will also make them trust you. After all it is not so weird, right!

The Big day

The arrangements are made; it is now time to go in for the kill. There are many ways to express a girl that you love her. The most dramatic way to do is by kneeling down in front of her and presenting her something of a ring or a rose. It is not necessary for you to get your girl a present. But getting her one will make her feel special about it. Be yourself. Don’t try to act way too different.

She may feel strange. Choose the right words and put them in place. Don’t fumble over them. It is better to practice beforehand. Till you finish, don’t take a glance off from her eye. Eye to eye contact makes her believe you. If she is comfortable in you holding her hands, then take her hand. Generally girls love to hold hands.


Winning over the girl you love and having her by your side is the best thing to happen in your life. Always have the perseverance to chase your dreams. One day they will surely be yours.