This time, the Cannes Film Festival of 2022 paid tribute to the popular Truman Show released in 1998. Jim Carrey and Peter Weir were the two stars associated with the show. An interesting aspect is that Jim Carrey spent his life without any idea of an around-the-clock show on him. Cannes Film Festival authorities released the poster last Tuesday and it has proved to be the biggest celebration of the Film Festival.

Details of the Posture

The posture highlights a moment from the climax of the Truman Show. Accordingly, Truman Burbank escapes from his show to identify the sky as a painted wall and has a staircase to its exit. Attendees of the Cannes Film Festival have observed him touching the wall. It features 75 in white color to signify the anniversary of the Film Festival.

Statement from the Cannes Film Festival

According to the show organizers at the Film Festival “The Truman Show of Peter Weir highlights a modern reflection of the cave of Plato and other decisive scenes. Every aspect of the Truman Show urges viewers to know the reality and its representation.”