There’s always someone somewhere waiting for you. We almost everywhere come across this line on every relationship page we land onto. But what if there is nothing we can find in our lives and end up being alone. Even though we try our best to find love, yet we are left with just an infatuation that doesn’t last too long. When all doors are closed the last option we resort to is ONLINE DATING.


Dating has never been only about hookups and a one-night stand. There are a large number of people still searching for TRUE LOVE. A global pandemic has altogether changed our ways in which we socialize. It has given a boost to the virtual dating scenario.

People are slowly becoming more comfortable talking on the web and building up a relationship. The front runners in the dating world are always finding ways to make your experience worthy of your time. Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, etc have seen a sudden surge in dating video calls to a record highest number of swipes in a day. But all these numbers still bring us down to question. Is there anything like True Love on dating platforms? Surely there are things that we sideline at times when we look for love.

Online Dating is solely dependent on looks. You see a great picture you swipe right. But do we realize the greater impact of the situation? Not only thus this makes the latter self-conscious about them but also can lead to peer pressure to look good. Looking for love online just only based on looks is nothing but a façade leading to lies to cover up or be recognized among the dating pool.


Anyhow there is still a positive hope of finding love online. Research has found out that 20% of the men and 14% of the female were able to find love online. One of my friends has already found a connection online and the other one is still living with high hopes of finding the right person.

There is nothing wrong with searching for gold in the deep sea of pretentious people trying to impress someone with a pleasing appearance. We do come across weird cases of false hope and affection but at least we can give it a try. We can think over and over again about the cloak that a person wears when he or she is online but it is all about your choices and your willingness to find someone special.

Everyone needs someone who can understand you but is it advisable to go out looking for that person. Well, it is still your choice. No matter how you end up finding love, a love story is what you have with you.