Whether you want to get well-thought designs and innovations or sheer quality of speed cubes, you will get plenty of options in the market. However, you have to consider a few essential things to buy the right cube from the market.

Cube Magnets

Many cubes come with magnets to make sure of turning accuracy. Moreover, the products have become the latest norm during the last few years. You have to decide whether you want magnets inside the cubes or not. Moreover, you have to decide whether you install static magnets or the ones that let you change their strength.
For example, many people today look for GAN249 cubes based on their unique design and flawless fit tiles. Particularly, the cube has every magnet attached and fitted perfectly to achieve enough strength and aesthetic fullness.

Price of Cubes

Once you check the magnets, you have to see your budget before you go to find cube puzzles. Flagship cubes and other similar brands may cost approximately Rs. 2000. However, budget and midrange puzzle games are available within only Rs. 1500.
If you are a newbie, you should look for the product available in a budget-friendly price. You should remember that even a budgeted cube may give you several usable options and let you explore your techniques and skills.

Sticker less or Stickered Cubes

World Cube Association has recently made sticker less puzzle cubes legal. The entire community steadily shifted to use sticker less cubes.
A prime benefit to use sticker less cube is that you can maintain it easily, as you do not have to bother about adhesiveness or damaged stickers. However, depending on your likings, you may even choose stickered cubes.

Corner Cutting or Reverse Corner Cutting Cubes

Based on your turning accuracy, you may consider the feature of corner cutting while looking for cubes. Corner cutting ability allows a cube to turn by misalign its alternative layer.
You may find many reviews on cubes to determine the corner cutting feature. For this, the cube offsets its U layer by about 45 degrees and tries to perform an R corner cut. Besides, the cube reduced its U layer offset and intends to perform reverse or R’ corner cut.
If you choose budget cubes, you will find limited ability associated with corner cuts. These cubes are also rigid in nature.

Speed of the Cube

Individuals may choose cubes based on their operational speed. The faster cubes often attribute to stay unstable while the slower cubes attribute to be stable. Indeed, you may select cubes based on your preferences. A few cubes also let you customize and change their spring compressions. When a cube has a high setting of spring compression, it becomes more stable. In contrast, the cube becomes less stable but works fast when it has low setting of spring compression.

Size of the Cube

Size is also an essential consideration associated with the selection of puzzle cubes. Luckily, GAN249 cubes are available in 49 cubic mm and are lightweight so that one can handle it easily.
Therefore, when you consider the aspects mentioned here, you will expect to get the best cube to solve puzzles and improve your skills.