We all know Taylor Swift is an amazing singer but how many of you are aware that she is an incredible dresser too. Yeah Taylor Swift is known for her amazing dressing sense that she carries around herself.

Being a celebrity is not easy; every single person’s eyes will be preying on you looking out for flaws. So it is very crucial to wear the right clothing and project yourself in the right way.

Have you ever wondered how it would be to be dressed like Taylor Swift? Yeah I bet you would have thought about it. Okay here is how you can be cool looking as Taylor Swift.


Where can you get Taylor Swift inspired outfits? You surely can pick them at Walmart. They do come at reasonable prices. She even has her own sundress line for L.E.I at Walmart. She always wears peach colored clothing and white colored ones. You can also find her wearing stripped clothes or the one with polka dots too.

Taylor Swift can be seen sporting jeans a lot of time. It will either be a light wash boot cut jeans or dark wash straight legs. You can get her type of jeans from L.E.I or you can also get them from JC penny.


The jeans at there are less costly when compared to the top designers. Light tees and tanks are those that she wears along with the jeans. Never forget the baby doll tees too.

When she is not in the limelight of things she casually sports wearing pull-overs, full sleeved shirts and sweaters. You can also be playful of your clothing and mix styles when you are not in the limelight.

Taylor Swift is seen wearing thick framed glasses, mostly black and red. You too try a hand at them but do check if the frame suits you. Also put your hair into a braid, this looks pleasant with the glasses on. Taylor loves painting nails.


Try a bright red colored nail polish that goes along with the red lipstick or you can also contrast your style by painting your nail blue. Try to get Midnight cammi by Essie.

When it comes to shoes, Taylor usually is seen wearing cowgirl boots, flats and high heels. Don’t worry they are not too costly. You can get them at an affordable price from Target or at BP.

In addition to all this, be cool with your attitude. That is the most attractive thing with Taylor Swift.

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