You are not going to wear the same clothes for the rest of your lives. You will buy new clothes for sure. When you get new clothes where do the old clothes go? Mostly, they get thrown in to garbage or get donated to an orphanage. We would be okay to throw out a normal cloth but what about denims? What if you had a way of reusing the denim? Ain’t it cool? So what are the ways of reusing your denim? Let me explain.

Have you ever felt that your lamps are a way too bright? If so, then you can soften the intensity of the light using the denim leftovers. Stick the denim part on to the lamp to make an effective lampshade.


Stick your denim on to the sling bags or hand bags to make them trendy and attractive. They are durable and also increase the lifetime of the bag. Moreover you needn’t worry about the cleanliness of the bag as the color and the texture of the bag makes it difficult to find the traces of dirt in the bag.


Wouldn’t it be fun to decorate your bed with traces of denim? Yeah, you can make your own pillow cover and also stitch over a quilt out of the denim remains. To the left of your bed you will also find the lampshade that you have just made of denim. A room full of denim. Feels like heaven, right?


Sports shoes are too mainstream. Get your shoe the denim touch and walk the extra mile. The other accessories that you can make with your used denim are a house mat, a pencil holder, a purse, a cap/hat, phone holder and also many other decorative stuffs.

Now as you have learnt the ways of reusing denim, the value for your money stays on with you forever.

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