Not essentially sad, but many ladies are not blessed with a good height, and often that comes off as a big issue in looking stylish and chic. Not anymore! If you are a girl who wants to feel and look taller than usual, you will be happy to know that a few style tips will come to your rescue. Keeping the body type aside, these are some easy hacks that will keep you sane while picking your dressing choices.

1_Balance on hemlines

Balance on Hemlines

There is a wrong notion that anything short will help with the height. While this is not entirely false, but you don’t always need to rely on the shorter hemlines for the same. Long skirts and dresses too can make you look longer. The main thing to note here is where the hemline ends. Avoid wearing dresses that end at the calves, because that’s where the length gets shortened visually. The idea is to balance the choices, so that for some days of the week, you head out in cute shorts and play sober for rest of the week with longer hemlines.

2_Decide on the shoes

Decide on the Shoes

If you are shopping for shoes online, make sure to check for a pair of nude coloured pumps, which accentuate the height and add to the silhouette. Secondly, playing cool is important, so having a pair of sneakers is essential. For those days, make sure to own a pair of shorts that can balance the lack of heels in the sneakers. You can click here for sneaker styles for 2015. Not to forget, include heels in your closet, but avoid looking repetitive with the same style of heels all the time.

3_Go for high-rise pants-skirts

Go for high-rise Pants/Skirts

High waist pants and skirts were seen all over the ramps, collections and runways for spring 2015, and the style goes rather well with the bell bottoms and styles that are a pick-up from the retro era. The best thing about high waist designs is the fact that the style actually enhances the length of the legs visually. Styling high waist designs is equally significant, so make sure to go bold and experiment with crop tops, tucked in tees and blazers.

4_Choose the prints right

Choose the Prints Right

You don’t always need to rely on vertical prints for getting the right style. The idea is to avoid prints that tend to make you look wider. Vertical prints are worthy enough, but it is not always necessary to play by the same print styles and rules. Mix and match designs, and if you are on the plus side, avoid prints that come with big details. Small floral prints, effective block prints and similar styles are way to go.

Happy styling for the spring and beyond!

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