When it comes to dressing girls need no reason and occasion. But if they came up with an occasion the dressing becomes most talked about topic.

Diwali the festival of light is the most auspicious occasion of Hindu culture. This festival comes up with lots of excitement and a bahana to dress up for ladies.

Generally there is a conception they Diwali is meant for traditional dressing, but for a twenty first century girl who combo of culture with style want something different and unique with their identity. Do not allow traditional norms to stop you from looking your stylish and gorgeous. Follow the festival rules, but decorate your outfits to reflect your personality to stand-out from the traditionally dressed crowd.


Taking the concept in mind that Diwali is festival of light and there is lots of light already so try something sober with a classic tough.

A teenage girl can try a something Indowestern with a long earning and a glossing pendent with a long chain. Pick up the color of the dress according to your complexion because sometime dress seems to be perfect in the market but it’s not the one for us. Another option is you can go for a frock suit with the elegance and a twisted style of dupaatha. You can tie the one end of the debate on the hand, but carefully select dress which is beautiful as well as comfortable too because you have to carry the dress all day.

When it comes to newly wedded girls she has the complete right to dress up like a queen. She can try a net crape sari with broad border and a very stylish blouse. If she is not comfortable with net sari she can also go a georgette sari with lots of stone work on it and a plain blouse. Select the color of sari as per your style a complexion because sometime a single thing can spoil all your efforts as it is your day and everyone in the family will be look at your way of dressing. If you are not comfortable with sari you can go for a heavy evergreen Anarkali suit as this will always remain in fashion. Do remember to select the apt accessories with your attars.

Own its time to a mom of small kids. She should wears something very comfortable as she has to handle lots of things kids, family, friend, and guest and organized all the Diwali puja as well.  She should try something made out of chiffon and georgette as these fabric are comfortable -which is easy to maintain and is not affected by these entire thing. She can try a sari with a elegant border or a kanjiwaram sari and if you are not comfortable with a sari there is an option of wearing a kurti with heavy neck work with leggings.


Here is a few of my suggestion to maintain a Diwali culture with your style of living but girls themselves have lots of creativity when it comes to dressing but dressing is incomplete without a suiting hair style and perfect footwear. To stand out of crowd be perfect in your selection and styling. Wishing you all Happy Diwali.

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