Oily skin can be a real put off. It can lead to acne and can make it difficult to wear makeup for long periods of time. The breakouts can spoil the appearance by causing blemish and dull skin.

Oily skin  becomes an embarrassing situation  where people may comment on, and it is difficult to treat without using harsh chemicals / skin products  that damage the fragile layers of the skin. There are some natural home remedies to treat oily skin that  will not only heal it, but will regulate its oil production.

No doubt, controlling oily skin is an ongoing battle, but you need not shell a fortune on exotic skin care products. Many natural home remedies for controlling oily skin emphasis on  the ingredients which are readily available at home.

Acne and oily skin are common problems that can affect  both teenagers and adults. For an easy to make  and   simple to use homemade fix to these skin problems, a quick trip to the pantry or fridge is all that is needed.

Here are some of the ways:

Effectively using Lemon Juice

Lemon juice  can be used to tone the skin after washing the face. It acts as  a great astringent. The vitamin C in the lemon juice fights and regulates the oil production on the face.


Baking Soda

A mix of bit of baking soda in water can be applied onto your skin  at least once a day. It will lower the oily texture of the skin. Rinse it well.

Baking Soda

Facial Steam

A facial steam twice a week can regulate the oil production in the skin. This can be done by  simply filling up a bowl with boiling water and lower your face. (Caution:  your face  shouldn’t be closer than 12 inches above the bowl).  Then Cover your head with a towel and steam for about 10 minutes (10 minutes are enough). Wash  your face with cool water when you are finished steaming. And see the change.



The most easiest and yet common way to control oil production of the skin is  to apply milk to your skin, either on its own or mixed with some essential oils. Milk is a good moisturizer.



Cucumber  can be used to  reduce acne formation. Regular use of cucumber can  prevent oily skin and future acne breakouts. Grated  cucumber can be applied onto the face and neck region. Let it stay for  about 20 minutes.

Another way can be that if one wants a thicker  face mask, blend a piece of cucumber with a small cup of dry oatmeal. Add yogurt to make a smooth, spreadable mask. Apply it for 30 minutes. And then splash with water.



Honey can be used either alone or in a combination. A few drops of honey can be added to cucumber or lemon juice face masks.

Else  Mix three tablespoons each of oatmeal and yogurt with one tablespoon of honey.

Or, combine honey and lime juice for a homemade spot treatment for acne breakouts.


Certain tips:

  • Use plenty of hot water to rinse your oily skin and to prevent the pores from being clogged.
  • Avoid using skincare products that dehydrate your skin.
  • Always prefer oil-free moisturizers.
  • Herbal Way: Aloe Vera is widely used in dealing with several skin problems. It can produce effective results
  • Select suitable cleanser  cosmetic and facial care products.

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