Overview of GAD

GAD is the acronym for generalized anxiety disorder and it characterizes excessive and persistent worry on different things. Individuals suffering from GAD experience disaster and show excessive concern towards their money, family members, work, health and other problems. GAD patients find controlling their worries very much difficult.

Symptoms of GAD


Symptoms of GAD

Symptoms of GAD may vary largely but in most cases, they include the following-

  • Persistent anxiety or worry about different areas, which go out of the proportion related to influence of any event.
  • Perceiving events and situations as threatening ones even when they are actually not
  • Overthinking of solutions and plans to deal with every possible worst outcome
  • Difficulty to deal with uncertainties
  • Fear and indecisiveness related to any wrong decision
  • Inability to overcome any worry
  • Difficulty to concentrate or have the feeling that mind has gone black
  • Inability to have relaxation and feeling of restless
  • Role of Meditation to Deal with GAD
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If you are suffering from GAD i.e., generalized anxiety disorder, you must practice meditation daily to overcome your anxiety problems and reduce your physical tension as well. The key in this case is to learn to practice mindful meditation and by accepting your surrounding world based on your curious observation. You only have to follow a few of the simple steps to make the most from meditation to deal with GAD.

Symptoms of GAD

generalized anxiety disorder

You have to sit upright in your chair and place the feet flat over the floor.

You have to pay attention to the way, in which you breath. However, you do not need to change your breathing method. Instead, observe your body while you exhale or inhale.

You may sometimes feel compelled by shifting your focus on something else. In this situation, you must resist the respective urge and continue to focus on the breathing method.

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As a patient, you may come across many anxious thoughts in your mind. In this situation, experts of medication and anxiety recommend you to acknowledge the same simply and later bring your mind back to your breathing awareness.

You must continue with the mentioned non-judgmental and quiet observation for approximately 10minutes.

Open the eyes to notice your feelings. You only have to observe instead of evaluating anything.



You have to remember that you do not have to dedicate much time for meditation. According to the experts guiding for meditation to deal with GAD, you must put efforts to carve your few minutes time daily. Later, you may increase the time gradually as you get knowledge on ways to relax and start feeling calm.

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Generalized anxiety disorder involves various unrelenting worries. With the aforementioned meditation technique, you may learn accepting your worries without becoming upset. Therefore, slowly you may overcome your stress.