Meditation is quickly becoming very popular in the modern world as it is a perfect way to lift your spirit and reduce levels of stress. Meditation is an ancient practice that involves hundreds of techniques that can help you focus and gain mental as well as physical strength. As a beginner, you might feel a little puzzled to pick the right techniques to start with meditation. Meditation can make your feel better in just a matter of few days. Thus, we have selected 7 medication techniques that are simple, effective and easy to practice.

  1. Breathing

The way you breathe can change the whole way you feel and bring you spirits alive. Thus meditation emphasizes on following your breath as the first step towards meditation. It not only makes you feel energetic but also prepares your body for the more in depth meditation practices. Learning to focus on your breathing helps you stay away from stress which automatically makes you happier and healthier. It is a simple technique which involves breathing in and out in a controlled and focused manner. If there is any evil or ugly thought that creeps into your mind, you can just focus on your breathing in and out.

  1. Gazing

Meditation teaches you the art of focusing in life. Focusing makes you better and efficient by helping your direct your energy on a particular task or objective in life. It also helps your mind to stay calm and relaxed. Mediation techniques for developing focus involves gazing at a still object such as a flame of candle placed in a dark room. It is one of the simplest ways to start meditating.

  1. Visualization

Visualization is a wonderful meditation technique that helps you see beyond your vision. This meditation technique involves closing your eyes and imagining about some object such as our heart or chakra. It might not be easy to hold your focus in the beginning but repeating the practice by reimagining with dedication will surely help you succeed.

  1. Chanting mantra

Repetition of certain mantras in a silent manner just loud enough to reach your ears help you connect to yourself in a better way. As you repeat mantras, thoughts generated in your mind come out through your mouth and reach back to your mind through your ears creating a sort of cycle that takes you away from your worries and stress.

  1. Focusing

Mediation brings awareness about the hidden centers of energy in our body referred as chakras. Focusing is another simple and powerful meditation technique that helps you realize your hidden potential and sources of energy. You can focus on chakras or third eye.

  1. Using mala beads

Holding mala in your hands and counting its beads one by one gradually shifts your focus into the mala. Counting the beads, chanting mantras and gazing at the mala brings in together all your senses including eyes, ears, speech and mind and stay super-focused.

  1. Using an image

A simple image can be a powerful tool to focus that can boost your inner energy. You can picture an image of some religious figure or guru that can act as the source of energy. It is easier for the people connected to spirituality but others can also use this technique by imagining about anything that can act as the source of motivation.