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Elizabeth Taylor was an acclaimed Hollywood icon, have featured in a number of films and movies but at the time of her demise she was no longer at the top where she used to be at one point of her career. Taylor, when she was a Hollywood star, she was an undeniably a legend, a fashion inspiration for many young women at that point in time. Taylor’s beauty made her popular among the people especially those who preferred to watch Hollywood movies of that era.

Elizabeth Taylor got a break when she was only twelve in the film national Velvet. Her performance in the film made her popular overnight and she became an international star. When she was only eighteen, she married Nicky Hilton and subsequently she married on a dozen occasions and that caused quite a controversy in her life. It is understood that Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had affairs on more than one times. Besides marriages, Elizabeth Taylor had a brood of kids, maintained an extravagant lifestyle. Her lifestyle incorporated furs, jets, jewels, etc.

Glamorous and beautiful Elizabeth Taylor captured the attention of the world since the time she commenced her career in acting. Her sense of dressing was perfect and it seemed that the ladies dresses of the 50’s and 70’s were just designed keeping Taylor in mind. There are feature films where Taylor kept it simple as far as the dressing style is concerned. In the film “Giant”, Taylor acted wearing a blouse and a simple skirt but despite this simple dressing style she appeared beautiful. Her dresses and accessories like furs, necklines and diamonds made her look beautiful and charming as an actress in her times.

When in her fifties, her red lips and string brows made her looks appealing. As she grew older, she tried to keep up her looks up dated with times. She wore the pale lip trend, quite comfortably. She has a beautiful skin, blue or violet eyes and this was an advantage to her looks.

There are available a lot of online publications on Elizabeth Taylor and from that it is evident that she supported for causes on many occasions. Other than a Hollywood Icon, she stood for the cause of HIV or AIDs when it was a taboo. Till the very end of her life or career, Elizabeth Taylor lived a bold life.

Elizabeth Taylor, when she joined the film industry, she was short, did not have great legs to be a sex symbol but she was gifted with hair, bosom and glamour and style, because of which, she rose to stardom and became one of the much acclaimed actress in Hollywood of her times.

It is understood, that Elizabeth Taylor was a woman of violent passions and instincts. She had her vices and her virtues in front of the public who like her beauty.

Elizabeth Taylor’s sense of dressing used to be appealing. She had a beautiful complexion, face, heavy eyebrows, and thick hair. Apart from wearing dresses, when she used jewels and flowers to adorn her then she looked charming. She was a celebrity and she knew that well. When conversing with individuals she did not refrain from using words of passion with her friends nor did she prefer hiding any type of love affairs from the public.