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The number of selling spots in New York is impressive. However, not every citizen of this city is aware of the places where goods don`t cost an arm and a leg. Shops in the New York spring up like mushrooms overnight, so people are lucky to find an outlet where both prices and quality of goods satisfy their needs. In this case, brief and informative guide on cheap stores in New York is necessary if you want to be fashionable and save money to buy dissertations online.

Sales time

People can find discounts in shops year-round. Hot sales season is in summer and during Christmas holidays. Some shops offer «tourist discount». Top day of sales is Black Friday, where people get buy goods with the biggest discount. The date of this day is not fixed because it is usually after Thanksgiving Day. The end of the autumn signals people about the beginning of holiday shopping season. American retail industry is very inventive in seducing shoppers into malls with discounts on hot items from top brands clothes, gadgets, amazing toys, and luxurious jewels. But there is a flipside of the coin – extremely long lines and chaos. You must be agile to hunt a preferable item.

There is also a mall where sales happen nearly every day. In Macy’s department store card holding customers are offered 10% discount. By the way, this is the biggest store in the world.


Outlet stores are in great demand in New York City.  One can find many offers outside of the city. The top outlet store is Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Central Valley.  It is convenient to reach this mall by bus from Manhattan. This shopping center consists of 220 outlet stores. General atmosphere reminds village, where people can relax and buy goods.

You must also visit at Bergen Town Center is you want to bargain in outlets. It contains Target, Nike and Marshalls where you can make a perfect deal. Clients are welcome to taste snacks at mall classics Wetzel’s Pretzels.

Resale and Consignment Stores

People with low budget mustn’t feel miserable if they cannot allow themselves to buy clothing from designers. Frankly speaking, they can save nearly half of the retail price if they buy it in consignment shops.

Most of items come from overstock showrooms that is why prices are so low. Clothes is perfectly cleaned there and it is completely safe to wear them. Before you buy some brand clothing there learn the true value of favorable item and make sure that discount is minimum 40% from its basic value.

Second-hand Shops

Second-hands is a paradise of cheap prices. This kind of shop can be found in every area of New York City.  The highest discounts one can find in the charity shops. On the day you dare to conquer second-hand be ready not to expect anything.  Prepare yourself that you might not find anything that corresponds your preferences, and then catch the unique item that no one could get in center store.

The most popular thrift store is Angel Street Thrift. They offer both designer clothing samples and vintage items. This second-hand store receives new goods several times a day (!).   Individuals and corporations donate everything that they don`t need so people can buy it for available prices. This thrift shop offer not only clothes but also furniture and dishes. It is like the IKEA.

In Metropolis Vintage shopper can rush in hot pursuit for celebrities, because front man of The Strokes, Iggy pop, and singing top model Sky Ferreira spend much time and money there. The assortment of vintage collections attract people with extraordinary style. There are many stuff that was in common use from 60s-90s, so visit this store if you want to buy leather jacket or fancy zebra pants.