Most people immediately think of a diamond ring when they hear the words proposal, engagement ring, wedding or jewelry. Diamond rings are synonymous with engagement rings, and there is nothing against it – diamonds are brilliant, last forever, and are absolutely stunning and gorgeous in any form.

But there is another gemstone that has all these qualities and costs just a fraction of a diamond. IF there was an option like this and most people knew about it – surely Moissanite would have been the most selling engagement ring.

Moissanite solitaire rings are incredibly similar to diamonds, and there is so little difference between them that people will never recognize one from the other. Moissanite rings are extremely fashionable, and they are very economical and perhaps why most modern men and women are opting for moissanite over diamonds these days.

Moissanite – Introduction

Moissanite is a crystal that was first discovered by a Geologist at the site of a meteor crater. The entire crater was white and shiny with this extra terrestrial material. Soon, moissanite was famed all over the world and people went gaga about this other worldly material. It was soon exhausted after mining all of the crater and the meteor.

When the demand for moissanite rose, engineers and scientists tried to recreate this material in the lab and they were successfully able to make man-made moissanite in the laboratory. This made their value cheap and economical, but apart from this one reason, the moissanite crystals are far superior in quality, clarity, shine and the ability to make them into excellent jewelry.

Moissanite has the same strength as that of Diamond on the Mohs Index for strength and durability. It is the only known element on earth that can compete with a diamond in its strength. The shine of Moissanite is unlike anything else – even diamond has less refraction than moissanite does, making it the shiniest crystal for jewellery.

Moissanite is capable of being cut, polished and used in kinds of jewelry and in any form similar to that of diamonds. It can be cut into the same shapes of square, oval, emerald, princess, cushion etc as that of Diamond rings and pendants.

Moissanite solitaire rings are known to be so similar and unrecognizable from diamond rings that most modern couples looking at economical options for a wedding ring are now looking at Moissanite instead of Diamond rings. Sure diamond has its own value, but having something that has all the qualities of diamond but at a fraction of its cost is truly invaluable for many people.

Reasons to buy Moissanite Instead of Diamond

Below are the top 4 reasons to buy Moissanite rings instead of diamond rings in 2022:


This is the top reason to buy moissanite without a doubt – they are so much cheaper than diamonds and offer most of the same qualities and appearance as diamonds.


Moissanite is made in specialized labs and is guaranteed to have excellent quality, provided they are purchased from verified authentic sellers.

Everyday Useable

They are strong, durable and resistant to breakage, abrasion and chipping just like diamonds and therefore perfect for an everyday wear wedding ring.


They have an incredible refractive index which makes them shinier even in low light and therefore excellent for fashion jewellery for women.

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