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Selena Gomez, the popular American singer, and actress is a style icon for the youngsters and leads the fashion in her unique way. She has a style of her own and there are millions of followers around the world looking to steal some of the styling ideas from her to get a celebrity look.

She keeps it simple with little accessories and simple outfits and knows exactly how to get an impressive look to rock the stage. Let us look at some of the style secrets of the singing sensation, Selena Gomez.

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Starting With the Hairstyle

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Hair Style

Selena Gomez never sticks to a single hairstyle and always holds a surprise for the fans every time she makes an appearance on the stage or on the red carpet. She prefers a long straight hairs cut in patterns falling over her shoulders uniformly. But as we said she keeps on changing hairstyles and often spotted in long curls swept across one side of the face. She likes to add a lot of texture to her hairs and prefers brown and grey shades.

She likes to the length of her hairs in between short and long so that she can easily curl them to make them look short or get them straight for the long hair look.

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Selena Gomez has lovely bright skin with a natural fair tone that always manages to dazzle the stage with her looks. She has a flawless skin with innocent looks that makes her look naturally cute.

Eye shadows: She usually sticks to shades like black, gray, charcoal and occasionally feature with other shades of blue, orange or silver.

Lipstick: In the case of shades for lipsticks she prefers light natural shades like light pink, nude and light red. Occasionally she goes for those bright shades of red and pink.

Eyeliner style: She has such beautiful eyes that just a touch of black mascara can enhance her beautiful face. She prefers very thin neat lining of black surrounding her eyes and very rarely features in thick linings.


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Selena Gomez has been a part of the glamour of her childhood as she started her career as a child artist in the television series and then carried her success to the big screen and also started her own band proving her talent in singing. She is a true inspiration with every type of outfit she tries. She loves denim, short skirts, funky trousers, jeans and a lot more.

Let us look at the favorite outfits of the famous celebrity.

Dress:  Blue jeans, black skirts: often short, long dresses, trousers.

Hairstyle:  Long Elegant Hairs with steps, messy cuts, braided side pony, straight cuts and loose braid, princess look ponytail, long curls waived on one side.

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Footwear:  She loves designer shoes to match her denim especially converse sneakers. For her other elegant dresses, she prefers leather boots and sandals usually black and sometimes brown.

Accessories: Cool Sunglasses, trendy shoulder straps, leather purses, big round earrings. When it comes to jewelry, she avoids heavy chains or lockets in the neck and prefers to go with the clear neckline.

 Tip: Clothing is about the latest fashion and also choosing the one that suits your body and face. It is good to take some ideas from the best of the celebrities like Selena Gomez but does not try to copy everything. Be smart in choosing.