Every woman desires to attain a perfect slim body, but lack the motivation and efforts. With summer all set up for a hot session; you would want a bikini body to pose out on a beach or a swimming pool. Here are some quick tips on   ‘How to get bikini body this summer’.

Schedule your Diet

Timing of your eating habits is as important as the diet itself to get a slim and fit body. As most of the fitness experts will tell you, the best way to a bikini body is to have heavy breakfast, light lunch and even lighter dinner to allow maximum calories to burn. This not only helps you to lose weight in a healthy manner but also keeps you energetic.

Stretch your Body

As we grow older our body loose elasticity which can make us prone to injury or a muscle pull which is enough to put a break to a healthy lifestyle. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to stretching exercises that will maintain the elasticity of muscles and also avoid accumulation of extra fat underneath our skin.

Early Morning Yoga

Yoga is a simple but very powerful mix of meditation and exercise that not only helps you stay fit physically but also enhances your mental strength and concentration levels. It eases out you body and burns out the extra calories preparing you for the perfect bikini body. However, it needs regularity and proper dedication.

Put a break to Junk Food

Fast food is easy and convenient, but is a great hurdle in your path of slim body. In fact, it can totally reverse all your efforts and lead to few extra pounds before even you realize. Make a habit of eating food cooked at home. It is healthy and nutritious.

Turn your weekends into Fitness Sessions

All the tough workouts and strict diet plans can be ruined at the end of the week in a weekend party with beers and Sunday brunch with your friends. Avoiding your friends is not the right way to go. The better option is to start out fitness sessions on your weekends where you can have spend quality time with your friends and speed up your progress towards a bikini body.

Go beyond Fitness Bands

Technology is a good thing but when it comes to fitness you can feel it from inside. Stop following the readings on your fitness band for the steps you covered and the calories you burnt at the end of the day. Keep it simple and motivate yourself to push further an extra yard towards fitness. You can easily feel the fitness levels in your body without any measuring meters.

Add Music to your Workouts

Music can move our senses and push us beyond the limits. You need to choose a perfect music that you like and let it play as you go for jogging or up for workouts. It really makes a lot of sense and the best way to feel is to try yourself. Music takes you into a different world where even the hardest of the moves can feel easier. With music you can workouts for longer periods and also maintain the regularity without getting bored. A strong beat and intense music can get your body going.