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Fashion is mostly about woman but men sure do want to look as good as women. Thus we are going to focus about men’s fashion in this articles and present ideas and tips that will make you look dashing and sharp.  While most of men feel more comfortable in casual outfits and casual wear comes handy especially if you want to out for a date or office meeting. Formal wear is usually associated with office or work but it is not always the case. You would find a lot of models and celebrities posing in formals and sure that look smart.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of casual outfits against Formal wear is that they are very easy to manage and lot cheaper to afford for everyone. Jeans are the trademark of casual wear and they go best with V-neck T-shirt. Wear a light colored T-Shirt with dark shaded patchy denims with brown ankle height boots. Roll over trousers for to show off your boots. When it comes to formals, nothing beats the light blue shirt with grey or black pants. Here the pants need to be extra-long just to cover your shoes but just above the ground. And yes you need more accessories here especially a tie to complete your formal looks.

Fitness is one of the key issues that fit very differently to formal and casual dressing. With Formal wear  you need to very precise about the fitting. Whether it is shirt or trousers, it needs to fit perfectly without any wrinkles. Any wrinkles or hanging off extra clothing can just spoil your looks. On the contrary, with casual clothing it is best to have little space. If your formals are sticky and fit, they are neither comfortable nor look stylish. Moreover it gives an awkward look.

Talking about the collars, it is all together different story again. When you are choosing a formal shirt, the collar should ideally snug around your neck. The best way to find this out is to perform a two finger test. Fasten your collars nicely and then insert your tow fingers between the collar and your neck. If the fingers fit perfectly, it is fine. But in case you find more space or the fingers does not fit in you need to try another and get it rectified.

Things are not always different with casual and formal outfits. There are certain things that are common. One of those elements is the shoulder seams of the shirt or T-shirt. Both of them must be perfectly aligned to the ends of your shoulder.

Modern fashion has become more sort of fusion of different styles and pattern. Same is true for casual and formal wear. Collared shirts give you a perfect formal look and you can pair it with pure black or blue jeans. This is one of the most popular styles of the modern fashion. This gives you a comfortable look with a versatile look that goes perfectly with most of the occasions.

One another thing that you need to pay attention is the combination of top and bottom wear. The same pair of jeans can go nicely with most of your T-shirts but with formal clothing, you need to choose wisely. Color combination becomes critical. However in both the cases, going for contrast options is the best idea.