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Those days are by-gone when you had to go to office wearing a full, pressed suit loaded with starch and a shiny black lace-up shoe. Wearing the proper outfit to office is as important as working efficiently there. In today’s corporate world, especially, dressing appropriately is very essential. You need to dress as per the occasion. The most important thing is to look presentable and be comfortable in the attire you are wearing. Wear clothes that are fitting to your body structure, over tight or ill-fitting clothes put a negative impression on your whole personality.

If your office environment is strictly professional, then you can team up a feminine blouse with a breezy midi skirt. The secret is to keep yourself covered and yet keeping it loose. Pull your hair back and wear the statement earrings. If your office is a bit casual then you can experiment with your look a bit. Try a pair of tapered trousers with a draped blouse and funky brogues.

The hemline for skirts and dresses, acceptably, should be just above the knees. Low-cut dresses or dresses with high slits or skin-tight dresses should be avoided. Blouses, plain shirts, cotton shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, vests and sleeveless shirts are accepted as part of the office wear for females.

If you are in the media, you have the liberty to pair up gigantic palazzo pants with a sleeveless trench vest. The look is trending quite cool currently. Some people need to travel from one place to another throughout the day for their work. They can invest in a cool cotton shirt-dress and top it with a jacket.

Fridays are a bit lenient. So you have the liberty to wear a little sundress with a pair of pointed flats. The look is quite classy and goes all the more when you accessorize with a mini bag and double stud earrings.

For the footwear, try leather shoes, flat trouser shoes, high heels but no open toed shoes or flip flops, sandals or sneakers. You can tie a scarf with your shirt instead of a tie. During the winter months, team up your button-up shirt with a cardigan. An oversized cardigan will look great unbuttoned with a button-up shirt and a tie.

Who said fashion statements are only for women. Men also need to dress well and dress properly keeping in mind their work environment. Men should wear shirts that have collars. Tucking the shirt in and pairing with an appropriate belt is a must. Button-down shirts are the most formal. Choosing formal fabric like cotton is advisable. Also the pattern should be formal, for example twill, herringbone and broadcloth patterns.

For pants choose from khakis, dress pants, trousers and corduroy pants. Jeans is not considered as a formal wear, so it’s better to avoid it. Go for Pleated pants and dark colours. The length of the pants should extend to the top of your shoe, or a bit longer. Avoid loud colours such as red, yellow, and purple for your pants.

Black, brown, grey, khaki, dark blue and dark green pants are favoured. Opt for formal leather shoes and do wear the dress socks. Black, brown, or grey shoes are the best for wearing to office.

In the winter months, guys can pair up a crisp crewneck or V-neck T-shirt with a blazer. The T-shirt should preferably be one in a solid colour.

There is a strict no-no list for men which include sneakers, sandals, flip-flops or other open-toed shoes; sports shirts, sweatshirts, sport team jackets, and athletic socks; shorts, capris or jeans.

So now you know, there are so many ways to rev up your boring office wear, keeping in trend with the latest updates.

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