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A valentine’s day is always the romantic day out for the couples or a nasty day in for the singles. Be it couples walking hand-in-hand or sitting in your living room with a jar of nutella, you will be dressed in your most sexiest outfit, your figure hugging dress or those live-in sweatpants. But this one of those special days where we dress to impress, maybe our beloved or that guy you’ve been day-dreaming about. Are you confused what to match with your tomboyish personality or your outgoing one? No worries, for here are 5 outfits that you will totally rock this Valentine’s Day.

The Smexy look

That sexy off- shouldered dress hanging in your closet, waiting to be worn? Well the day has finally arrived! Pair a red off- shouldered dress with metallic kitten heels to give that siren-like look. Tie your hair up in a neat bun and smack some of that glossy lip-gloss or if you are a lipstick kinda girl, you can wear nude lipstick. Perfect that winged eyeliner with a bit of mascara. This outfit is simple and elegant, not too loud but not too sober.

A Walk in the Park look

Planning on not making your Valentine’s Day too fancy and relaxing? Take a walk in the park or anywhere for that matter with a comfortable high waisted denim shorts and a simple cropped ripped cami. Pair it up with a floral kimono and vans to give it a cute look. You can also wear a black choker. Put minimal makeup that includes eyeliner, a tad bit of mascara and some lip-gloss or lipstick. Curl up your hair or give it a wavy look. This outfit is cute and comfortable for a day out.

The Black Mistress

As given in the heading this outfit will be all black. Why can’t you wear black on Valentine’s Day? After all, black will always be the new black. For this sassy outfit, we will wear a black pencil skirt with an elegant black off-shouldered crop top. With this, we will put on some black pumps to complete the mistress look.  Cover those bold lips with a sultry red lipstick and give your eyes a smoky look. Give your hair those wavy waves. For jewelry just wear some knuckle rings and finish the outfit. Why cannot it be all black?

The I-Don’t-Dress-Up-Look

Not on the dress up side? Don’t worry we’ve got an outfit that you can perfect! Take out that boyfriend ripped jeans and pair it with a bodycon crop top and some lovely pair of nude pumps. Make the look a little bold and wear a statement necklace and knuckle rings. Do not forget to keep the makeup minimal. If you want to add a leather jacket, the choice is all yours. You can wear this to the movies or a for brunch at a small cute café. This outfit is for the tom-boyish girls out there, who keep comfort their number one priority!

Netflix and chill

Want a day in with bae? Some ice cream, popcorn and movies sound like a good idea? Put on some comfortable sweatpants on and a tank top or a muscle tee. Cover your feet with socks or flip-flops. Tie that unruly, messy hair in a messy bun. Give your nails that fresh manicure. You still want to feel pretty even when you are at your laziest? This outfit screams a day-in with your laptop, pizza and a cuddle buddy.

Don’t forget to be confident and feel sexy with whatever you wear, because at the end of the day it is all about you loving yourself. Have a romantic and lovely valentine’s day.

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