Not having adequate space in your home can be a problem. However, with the clever use of the space available, having double duty pieces of furniture, and excellent organization skills, you can still make the most out of your small apartment.

Tiny apartments can use a hand when it comes to making it feel uncluttered and comfortable. But no matter how small your apartment is, you can always think of creative solutions on how to make it look and feel spacious.For a little help, listed below are some space-saving furniture ideas for small apartments that do not include unrealistic remodeling. Check them out!

Coffee Table With Storage

Go for a coffee table that also functions as a storage piece. It will not only act as a beautiful centerpiece in your living room, but it will also hold or keep any of your things such as magazines, movies, books, or even blankets.Coffee tables with storage allow you to have additional storage without having an extra basket or shelf. You will not only get the furniture you need, but you will also get storage to store some of your entertainment properties. You can purchase this kind of furniture in any online store like Focus on Furniture.



Having mirrors in your home is one of the smart ways to make a room look bigger and larger. For instance, you can place a big wall mirror in your bedroom, just above your bed. It will add extra light and illusion of having more space in a small bedroom.You don’t need to worry about not having huge windows and high ceilings, a well-placed mirror will do the trick. You can use mirrors to resolve any small-space problems and any design difficulties.Mirrors with the same measurement make the furniture look more prominent and purposeful instead of being neglected. Also, you can put a large mirror on a source of light like a pendant light, or even a candle. As such, it can maximize the reach of the light while generating a magical effect.

Furthermore, you can also put a mirror wall as part of the interior design of your home. They are very effective in creating an illusion of having more space without being disorienting and jarring.

The Combination Of A Sofa And A Counter

A sofa and counter combination is an excellent idea that merges the function of the counter and sofa. It is an innovative way to suggest and present how to invest your time in the living room.Believe it or not, your couch or sofa can also act as your breakfast, lunch, work, and tea space. Just install a countertop at the back part, and you can free up a lot of space in your small apartment by taking one piece of furniture into two important needs for your apartment.

Wall Shelves

If there is no room for a beautiful nightstand next to your bed, then you can go for wall shelves instead. Wall shelves give you enough space for things like books and memorabilia.

Living in a small apartment makes it crucial for you to search for storage places without causing too much mess in the interior design. Mess and disorder is a constant problem in small homes and adding some wall shelves is such a life-saving hack.

They do not have to have large space to be helpful, especially in tiny apartments. Small shelves in a small corner can already provide you ample storage space for your books and many more.

 Drying Racks

Most of the small spaces or tiny apartments owner lives without a proper dryer in their home. They probably hang their newly washed clothes all over the place due to insufficient space. Having one drying rack for your clothes maximizes your space and allows for optimum air circulation. It also provides plenty of room for your clothes.

Furthermore, if you do not have a dishwasher, then the best idea for saving more space is a drying rack. Go for a drying rack that can hold plenty of wet dishes while consuming minimal space in your countertop.

Wall-mounted Cabinets


Wall-mounted cabinets are yet another useful space-saving solution that you can use. Elevating furniture gives the illusion of having more space in your tiny apartment. It makes your room feel uncluttered by giving more space on the floor. As such, freeing more space for more storage.


Living in a tiny apartment pose a constant challenge. Even if you only have limited space to move and work to, if you play with the arrangement of your furniture you can have the space that you need. Get innovative ideas by reading the above list and maximize your existing space.