As we know people across the world are getting more focused and work oriented , especially those in India where they start working since morning at 9 and end up late evening and hardly get time for themselves.

Fashion is becoming essential for the people and is changing with time , New innovations in clothing and accessories are being made by the designers and are followed by people across the globe. Upcoming designers with their artistic and creative minds are launching  new products each day and booming the fashion industry. Lastly , it needs to be adapted by the people who are stuck in their work.

Fashion Gets over very swiftly , so it needs to be altered with time but with the growing busy schedules of people in making money , they lack in knowledge of ongoing trend , it isn’t their fault , they are helpless due to the lack of time.

So, for the people who don’t get time , here are some of the  quick fashion tips that will help you look in vogue and tremendous.

Suitable Size

Clothes must be worn out in such a way that it fits your body perfectly , that is the most vital thing that is to be kept in mind while buying , too large or too fitted must be avoided because they look imperfect.


Over dramatize of something always lands you looking worse. As we know simplicity is elegance so we should keep a check on it, don’t fill your wardrobe with too gaudy and loud clothes, keep it simple and sober.

Casual way

Adding a pinch of spice on your casual clothes makes them a bit different. Casual must not be too basic, they must be worn according to the trend. For instance , Instead of wearing a basic denim , it must be replaced with a new in trend torn denim.

Accompany For shopping

Shopping must accompany someone with heterogeneous taste and who thinks out of the box so you get some classy stuff for your wardrobe.

Good pair of Clogs

Shoes define your personality , they must be kept in mint condition ,they should not be disregarded as they are the symbol of man’s charisma.


Hairstyling is the first thing that people will observe about you, which depicts your overall personality, so skilled hair stylist must be hired to get a good hairstyle , somebody who will work according to your face cut and will suggest the best possible hair style.

Keep Brands Away

People run behind big brands and prefer wearing branded stuff , one should not be addicted towards fashion brands , just because they are admired , choose something that defines your persona.


Regular workouts like Power Yoga, Zumba, Swimming, Gymnasium must be conducted regularly so that fitness is achieved along with enhancement in personality furthermore good eating habits should also be taken into consideration because what you eat is actually , what you are.


Always add a bling to your dressing , for instance , Belts , Watches , Chains , Sunglasses , Mufflers , Hats which completes the whole attire.


A true feedback always works, one should ask for it from friends or relatives and make changes accordingly which increases the chance of further improvements.

So, At last all these quick tips must be taken for a growing fashion industry.

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