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Summer can be troublesome unless you are prepared to fight it out with suitable attire that not only makes you dashing but makes you feel comfortable. Let us look at the top ten things that every guy needs to look hotter in summer.

Breathable Chinos

Chinos are the perfect option as compared to normal trousers or denim. It is light weight and comfortable to wear. Moreover, you get lots of options in terms of colors and pattern, including dyed, printed, ombre etc. You can get a navy blue chino if you want a casual look like denim and for the formal look try the classical cream color with the shirt of your choice.

Monochromatic Sneakers

Summer causes a lot of sweat, especially on your toes if you are wearing tight leather shoes. Normal Sneakers are comfortable, but they do not for with your formal outfit and can make you look awkward. This is where monochromatic sneakers fit in perfectly. They allow enough aeration and look stylish on your feet.

Chambray Shirts

Denim shirts go swiftly with most of the trousers, chinos, denims irrespective of the occasion. But they can be uncomfortable in the summer. Cotton shirts are light and comfortable, but not so versatile. Chambray is a perfect material that combines the properties of both the fabrics and provides comfort without compromising with style. You can choose from various patterns and colors.

Short Sleeves Button-Down Shirts

Short Sleeved shirts are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable options for summer and they come in more options that you can imagine. You can get yourself formal shirts with half sleeves or go for t-shirt pattern button down shirts. Buttons provides extra space for air to circulate through the outfit keeping our body cool on a hot day.

Slim-Fit Oxfords

Oxford shirts are easily among the most favorite options for any season and fortunately it is very comfortable even in summers. Try them with chinos or trousers for your office or work for a smart look and switch to denim if you are going for a party with friends. Oxfords are versatile and designed for every occasion.

Colorful Aviators

In a hot summer with sun rays streaming into your eyes, you just cannot afford to go without sunglasses to look hotter. Colorful aviators are the perfect choice for sunglasses that will always match with your style and outfit. It not only provides a cushion to your eyes against sunrays but also adds a lot of purpose to your looks.

Nautical T-Shirts

T-Shirts are extremely cozy and easy wear which goes perfectly with the denims. Nautical T-shirts are simple, but makes a strong style statement. It may be common because of its immense popularity, but surely looks good on most occasions.

Knit Polo

It is another classical outfit tailor made for a heat of summer. Light colored polo can give you a lot of comfort under the hot sun and fits perfectly on your body. They look comfortable as much as they feel comfortable on body.

Leather Belt

There are so many varieties of belts available in the market but nothing beats the charm and style of a leather belt. It is a must have accessory to provide the finishing looks that is needed to enhance your looks.

Cotton Blazers

If you are up for an important meeting or presentation, cotton blazers can provide you the style and comfort in a hot day.