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Summers mean something different for sportsmen and fitness freaks. It’s the time to come out of hibernation, shrug off slough and push and exert yourself to a new level.

For maximum exertion, you need to step into some footwear that doesn’t stand in the way, that doesn’t become a drag when you try to move your legs faster than ever before, that doesn’t pull you down when you go for slam-dunks.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of such shoes that have become all the rage in sports-lovers and sneaker fanatics alike. One note of caution, however, before you delve into the list.

Our criteria in ranking these models revolved around factors that facilitate maximum exertion and performance. For this reason, we’ve used flexibility, breathability, and comfort as the main indicators of a model’s strength.

  1. Adidas NMD Primeknit

How do you like Adidas’ boost cushioning? The NMD Primekit is its latest torchbearer. Combining the boost cushioning, which is universally loved by sportsmen and runners, and its Primeknit technology, Adidas has produced this piece of art in four color ways.

For those who love bright or bold colors, coral, blue, and green provide a range to pick the piece that suits your taste. For those (“oldies”, for some) with a relatively mild sense of taste for colors, grey wraps the same flexibility, durability, and comfort that has become the hallmark of Adidas NMD Primekit. Right now, the shoe is a rage, that too for a price of $130.

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  1. Reebok Classic Low Tops

Reebok Classic Low Tops are a product that marries three attributes: beauty, comfort, and affordability. Priced at just $75, these elegant beauties have a low-top made of buffed leather and sport a tonal lace-up closure.

At the tongue of the shoe is inscribed the Reebok logo neighbored by the flag of the United Kingdom, but the tongue is not the only part where you’ll find the logo. It’s also there on the heel collar and on the outer side, which adds a touch of class to the tonal stitching visible all over on the outer.

The rubber sole then provides the perfect finishing for the flexible footwear.

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  1. Nike Flyknit Presto

Remember when Nike came up with the Air Presto model in 2000 and took the whole world by storm? It was a product of four years of brain-racking, creative thinking, and hard-work.

Now, Nike has released the Air Presto Ultra Flyknit edition, which takes the original Air Presto to a new level of comfort. The Flyknit upper forms the perfect lightweight support for the foot; the sockliner and outsole cut-outs give it the same breathability and flexibility that the shoe was originally designed for; the mid-collar furnishes the shoe with a snug, supportive fit; and the midfoot support comes in the form of signature TPU cage.

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  1. Nike Huarache

Nike Huarache is the creation of Tinker Hatfield, the world famous shoe designer who fathered more than ten models for Nike. The original Huarache was released back in 1991, which was then followed by a number of other slightly-modified-in-one-way-or-another Huarache models, such as Air Trainer, Air Flight, NM, Utility, Ultra, and even the Air Jordan 7.

Naturally, the numerous progeny adds to Huarache’s richness, which means you can now get Huarache in almost every color way. If you’re looking for that perfect summer sneaker, I strongly reccomened going with the all white version. The sneaker featured an all white body, sole and white laces.

But one thing remains constant: the conspicuous exoskeleton of the model which has kept it alive through the past two decades.

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  1. Adidas Pure Boost ZG

Let’s start with the “ZG” in the name. It stands for Zero Gravity. Got the idea? The Pure Boost is made for people who hate to be restricted by the weight of their shoe when they jump and try to reach up or run lightning-fast.

The EVA outsole and full boost midsole give the shoe the feather-light quality that lets the wearer feel totally uninhibited. The Primeknit upper adds comfort to the super-light model and also protects the foot when its muscles expand during high-performance activities. To make it even more supportive, Adidas has given it a lightweight cushioning midsole and a molded heel cap.

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  1. Nike Mayfly Woven

Nike has recently unleashed an army of color ways of its famous Mayfly Woven edition. Coming in black, grey, off-white, and five other color schemes, the shoe retains its minimalist style that brought it in the limelight in the first place.

The ripstop tonal suede upper contains the same (holed) woven pattern to facilitate breathability. To this outer, the Phylite midsole, waxed cotton laces, and a leather footbed, provide flexibility to the shoe letting the wearer achieve optimal performance.

Added to this carefully engineered design is Vachetta Tan lining and glimpses of gum accents on the outsole which bestow eye-catching beauty on the model.  

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If  you’re shopping purely for sports and summers, there’s absolutely no way you can afford to ignore this list. From Adidas NMD Primeknit to Nike Mayfly Woven, each model in this list has some peculiar feature or a combination of features that make it an excellent choice for people involved in sports or other demanding outdoor activities. All you need is a clear set of criteria to pick the model that best suits your needs. Do you have it?