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When it comes to fashion, it seems as though rules are there to be broken. Trends are there to keep you in line but pushing boundaries and trying something different is what it is all about. Matching colours, patterns and styles together that shouldn’t work but actually do is all about being daring but sometimes it can all seem a little too confusing.

Fashion is all about getting a look that is personal to you and this makes it easy to find a look that is creative but works for you. Experimenting is what 2016 is all about so throw away the rule book and simply go along with what you like because it could just work.

The following list of unlikely partnerships when it comes to fashion will prove that you do not have to conform to the rules because you can look amazing.

Purple and Red

There is one rule that many people stick to and that is the fact that your outfit should be created around one main colour. However, this is not necessarily true because purple and red can work and also look great.

Double denim

Double denim is often a no-go when it comes to fashion and many people are often quick to warn you not to do it but why not? The trick to getting this look right is to ensure that the two denim items are not matching in colour or wash. Make sure the washes are different and this look can work in every single way.

Black and Blue

Putting black with blue or blue with black can sometimes seem as though you have not really put a lot of thought into your outfit but if you choose to wear something with a lighter shade of navy with black, they will contrast each other perfectly.


It is actually possible to wear multiple pastels without looking like a complete mess! The trick here is to ensure that you do not mix several patterns but instead you choose solid colour pastels. You can give yourself one patterned item but this gives you the chance to create a look that is fun and easy on the eye.


Who said you can’t mix prints? In the main mixing prints that have the same colours is the way to go and this makes sure that the clash of colours is over the top. You can bring solid colours in if you wish and this helps to bring the outfit together. This is a look that allows you to go with what you feel is right. If you want to wear two prints then go for it.

Black and Brown

For some reason people think that black and brown do not work together but they couldn’t be further away from the truth. To get this look right, try not to pick dark browns but instead choose tan, caramel and taupe to create a look that will really surprise.

Spots and Stripes

This is a look that will really turn heads because people really believe that they should not be paired together. There is a way to make it work and if you have reservations about trying it then go for two pieces that are relatively similar in colour.