Zodiac signs can play its part when it comes to relationships and bonding. It dominates the way we respond to a situation. Let us find out how every zodiac sign deals with breakup.


Aries enjoys a lot of livelihood in relationship. If you are one of Aries, a breakup can just shatter you and make you go crazy or you can forget everything as if nothing ever existed. It is always extreme situation with Aries.


Taurus can consider them lucky as they are gifted with the power to move on and can easily recover from the break-up. The feeling of pain, depression, hate etc is obvious but it is not long lasting and goes away easily with time with Aries.


Gemini are very smart with relationships as they can easily hide any feeling of dissatisfaction and pretend to be happy until they decide to give it a break. They are always mentally prepared for the options. This helps them recover easily from break-ups and move to next option.


Cancer’s are lot emotional when it comes to relationships. Thus it is very hard for them to handle a break-up. It usually takes a while to recover from the loss and move on with the life. They seek extra love a care in relationship.


Leo’s are more of egoistic and not prepared to very flexible in a relationship. Thus they can seem very odd the way they handle a break-up. They would always believe that their partner would get back considering themselves as superior.


Virgo generally has the tendency to hold on to a relationship and not let it go easily. Thus  it is not easy for them to handle break-up as they find it end of they will try to find reasons and ponder on the memories that takes them nowhere and restricting them to move forward.


They seek stability in a relationship and have a practical approach towards life. They usually find right ways to get themselves out of the pain and sufferings of a break-up and find ways to move on in life.


Scorpio’s carries a lot of natural feeling of aggression and can make them go very mad at the partner if there is a break-up. They are dominative in nature and would always blame the partner and expect them to make a move back.


They seek lust and adventure in life and are always prepared to explore more options in life. This makes them naturally suitable for handling break-ups as they consider it as an opportunity in life.


Capricorn’s are very devoted towards their partners and relationship. In case of a break-up, they would always work hard on finding ways to get the relationship on track instead of trying to move one easily.


Aquarius are tricky to judge as they can be very devoted in some cases while extremely manipulative in others. The first category is very committed to their partners while the others can smartly induce their partners to initiate break-up.


Pisces are very rarely committed in a relationship and always chase their dreams. They would never settle with one and thus it is natural for them to have frequent break-ups in life. The break-ups do not affect them much and they readily find new partners in life.

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