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There’s a lot to think about in getting ready for the holidays, from stringing lights around your home, to cooking delicious food, and buying gifts. It can be hard to find the time to give your outfit the attention it deserves. Below are some simple but creative ideas to get you looking as festive as you feel.
Gaudy Christmas sweaters aside, there are plenty of ways to get a Christmas look. If you want to standout this winter, check out these 4 ways to add sparkle to your Christmas outfit.

Wear Clothes that Shine

The easiest way to share your Christmas spirit, is by wearing clothes that shine. Although you may not find another time to wear such bold outfits, it will definitely get you noticed. You could wear a top with sequins, lurex, or beads, over jeans for something more casual. Stand out more by wearing a dress or trousers with sheen. If you really want to create a starry night, try creatively weaving a string of christmas lights into your outfit. You could even make a garland or a belt that shine, or tie cord through a light-up snowflake to create a necklace or accessorize your bag. You can find many different styles of lights online, on sites like

Get Some Glitter On

Christmas is a holiday loaded with sparkle. Sparkling lights, sparkling tinsel, sparkling smiles, and sparkling snow. Bring it into your look with the use of glitter-makeup. Using a sparkling white base and adding sparkling blue highlights creates an icy, mystic-look, that will captivate your friends, and have them begging for your secret. The usual rule of thumb is “less is more” when applying glitter. Christmas, however, is a holiday of excess. So why not be more playful in your use of glitter than you would be the rest of the year?

Decorate With Diamonds

It’s up to you if you want elegant simplicity, or a look that’s loud and wild. Whether you have genuine diamonds, or adhesive rhinestones from your local craft store, enjoy knowing that you shine. Allowing yourself to shimmer will add fuel to the party, so go ahead and accent your outfit from your shoes to your bag. Diamonds twinkle like snowfall, creating the right vibe, whether you have a white Christmas or not.


Don’t forget your purse or handbag. A cute touch like a string of sequins will show your attention to detail. If craft is not your thing, try shopping around for a sparkly clutch bag.

If you don’t want to cover yourself in shine and sparkle, you could try something more subtle like glittery pantyhose with a black dress.

For true glam, why not make your own fascinator? You can go for classic Christmas colours or you could design something with sparkle that you could wear at other times of year as well.

Winter can be one of the most beautiful seasons when everything is lit-up and covered in snow. Let the season inspire you to be brave, try something different, and go shine!