Father’s day is just the perfect occasion to show all your love and affection towards your loving father. You need to choose a perfect gift for your father to make the moment really memorable and special. However, it is not easy to choose a nice gift. Therefore, we have listed top 20 father’s day gifts to make it easier for you.

1) Smart Tie

A tie is a classic gift for your father to add his smartness for the special occasion.

2) Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Choose a pair of shoes that you know your father would like. You can choose nice leather shoes, sports shoes or even sneakers. The main thing is that they must be comfortable.

3) A Bottle of Beer

Beer is lovely gift for a special occasion that calls for celebration.

4) Laser Trimmer

Let your father experience the latest generation of trimmers and enjoy the comfort and efficiency with laser trimmers.

5) Shaving Kit

Shaving is everyday activity. Give your father one more reason to remember you every morning while he shaves with your gifted kit.

6) Formal Shirt

A formal shirt is the perfect way to show your love. Choose a color that he loves so that he can wear it everywhere he wants to go.

7) Pants

If you think your father has enough shirts, think about gifting a trouser or a nice denim pants whatever you think will suit him more.

8) Leather Belt

Perfect attire is incomplete without a nice finished leather belt. A leather belt is for every outfit, formal as well as casual.

9) Leather Wallet

A wallet is something that does not only carry your money but memories. Gift your father a leather wallet that can hold all the precious memories.

10) A Backpack

Gift your father a comfortable and spacious in which he can carry all his belongings easily.

11) Sunglasses

Add another dimension to your father’s looks with a classy or sporty piece of sunglasses.

12) Sports Watch

For the fathers who love a bit of adventure, trendy sports watch can be a perfect gift. Get a digital waterproof watch that can challenge any limits and make your dad proud.

13) Traditional Watch

If your father is not so adventure loving, go for a traditional watch with a leather band. A watch is another classic gift that is suitable for just any occasion.

14) Digital Watch

You can also think about gifting a digital watch for the change, if your father does not mind switching to new generation of watches. Digital watches are the new generation of watches that will not disappoint your father.

15) Fitness Band

Let your father analyze his routine with all new range of fitness bands that will care for your father just as you care for him.

16) Digital Camera

If your father loves photography, gift him the latest digital camera that can help him click superior images with lesser effort.

17) Roller Pen

A nice stylish pen can add more class to your father’s overall personality.

18) T-Shirt

For a change, T-shirt is not a bad option to gift your father on this father’s day.

19) Printed Mug

Mugs printed with memories are the latest additions in the list of favorite gifts.


If your father still has the charm of briefcase, replace it with a brand new one and thereby, boost his style.