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There are different style inspirations that you can get when winter season comes. Aside from the cold and cozy weather,  most women look forward to fall season because this is the best time that they can flaunt their stylish outfits down the street and on pubs. Winter season is not only about leather jackets, sweaters and skinny jeans but it also talks about different types of boots that go perfectly together with your clothing.

If you are thinking that your old pair of ankle boots will no longer please you during the winter season, you’d better think again because you might get surprised how a shoe shop can refurbish it for you to look exactly the same way when you first laid your eyes on it on the store.

According to the site, “we repair by brand and by style through exclusive shoe renewal programs in order to give customers the highest quality of craftsmanship”. One of the common repair services they offer is shoe resoling which can give your pair of damaged boots a new and fresh look that is perfect and elegant for whether on casual outfits or for special gatherings.

Here are some quick steps on how to wear your newly resoled boots with oozing style and confidence this winter.

Make an Ordinary Day Extraordinary

It may be just another ordinary day but your outfit should not be like it. Add some flare and excitement on your casual outfit by wearing your resoled ankle boots with longline or oversized coat and distressed jeans to give you a better look while still enjoying a comfortable outfit from head to toe.

If you are planning to take a walk along the park make sure to grab your scarf along with you as an extra protection from the cold weather that might get in the way while enjoying the morning breeze and winter view.

Be a Little More Daring and Go Bare Legged

Who said that you should keep your legs in warm and thick cover during winter? Break this myth and go bare legged with a nice form fitting dress paired with leather jacket and your pair of newly resoled ankle boots that will complete your ‘rocker chic’ outfit.

If you are wearing black boots, match it with a black leather jacket to show off the elegant and edgy style that you have that could make everyone envy.

Cozy Office Look

If you want your office outfit to be more stylish and be less boring, put on your cropped trousers and cozy knits together with your neutral color sweater and resoled boots.

This kind of style could never go wrong as it still gives you a professional look while giving you a more attractive and stylish look that can make you ready when a casual date comes in between your schedule.

You can Never Go Wrong with Black

If you want to be a little more mysterious and classy at the same time, black is your best companion for the day.

Black is timeless and could never do you wrong when it comes to fashion. If you feel that the weather outside makes your mood a little quiet and stifled, an all black outfit is the right one for you.

Pair your black resoled boots with black coat, jeans and top in order to give you that total black outfit experience. This kind of outfit is not only ideal as a morning outfit but this can also be worn during an evening get together party.

Men’s Wear for Girls

Love to mix and match? Level it up by wearing men’s wear inspired outfit and accessories together with your new boots. This is one of the must try modern trends that you can do during winter season.

A nice pair of resoled ankle boots would definitely complete your men’s wear outfit while giving you a unique and strong look that is timely and perfectly ready for the winter season!

If you want to play with colors, you can also try a splash of color on your patch outfit and scarf while keeping a neutral look on your pair of boots. Enjoy these tips to keep you prepared and ready for different boot styles when winter comes.

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