To create a fancy look for the New Year is the number one task in December because on this night you want to be the queen of the party, to shine and attract everyone’s attention. Think everything through down to the last detail – outfit, jewellery and accessories, nail art, make-up, hairstyle… Despite the fact that there is still enough time before everyone’s favourite holiday, it will be helpful to find out which New Year’s images for girls should be considered in 2019.

Golden clutch, fur necklace, apple handbag, sandals studded with coloured crystals, “infantile” shoes of a little princess and 40 more bright accessories for a New Year’s party.


The year 2019 will be held under the sign of the Yellow Pig, for which there is a strong attachment to the material world. That is why comfort, luxury, stylish expensive things will be more than appropriate on New Year’s Eve. To please the Pig, choose a dress of green, brown, yellow, orange. A win-win option is metallic gold iridescent…



It is important to think about shoes that should become an integral part of the New Year’s image of 2019. As a dress, it is selected according to the situation. At the corporate party, lacquer shoes, suede shoes with heels or sculpted heels, decorated with original elements of the decor, open lace-up ankle boots, golden or silver sandals with numerous straps are appropriate. To meet the New Year at home, shoes and sandals with fashionable soles – platform, wedges…



Holiday nail art should be bright and expressive. Coral, dark brown, orange shades of gel polishes are suitable for nails. It is not forbidden to add to the design of various elements of décor:

  • Stones;
  • Sparkles;
  • Broths;
  • Flock;
  • Decorative sand…



Fashionable makeup for the New 2019 is performed in gold tones. Trends of New Year’s Eve:

  • golden shadows;
  • metallic effect;
  • mother of pearl;
  • shimmering glitter at the tips of eyelashes…

Instead of gold metallic, you can use bronze or silver with a cold subtone. Eyebrows should be decorated carefully and have clear contours. You should not overdo it with a dark tone, ideally, it should be as close as possible to the shade of the hair…

When creating makeup, use the highlighter, add expressiveness to your face using techniques such as contouring and strobe to darken and highlight areas that require correction…

Another trend of New Year’s makeup is scarlet lipstick. It can be matted or glossy, as long as the lips look natural and at ease. In this case, the emphasis in makeup should be one: either the eyes or lips. If you decide to use red lipstick, do not overload eye makeup…





























One of the main fashion trends of the New Year hairstyles is naturalness without elegance. In this regard, stylists do not recommend to get involved in hard styling, so that the styling was slightly negligent…

On long hair, different types of weaves look great, and braids should not be too tight. Do you want a unique hairstyle with a hint of mischief? Weave coloured strands of kanekalon into the braids, for example, with an ombre staining or brighter, more saturated: red; lilac; green; yellow…

If you do not want to experiment, choose a ponytail hairstyle, and to make it look festive, make it as smooth as possible and choose a beautiful hairpin or elastic band…

Retro hairstyles, Hollywood curls, voluminous large curls or bold small curls, classic bun, styling with a wet effect are relevant. By the way, the last option can be combined with braids, curls, tail…



Massive details and rich embroidery, a noble shine of gold and silver. All this is a real challenge and a test of courage. But if you decide to act like a queen, then for greater effect, combine these accessories with a dress made of satin or brocade.

Star sandals are for brave girls who are used to being at the centre of attention.




New Year’s Eve is full of miracles and mystical stories – so why not succumb to their charm and try a different look at familiar things? Festive accessories are spurred on by fantasy: once a year, at the behest of designers, filling apples, tubes of lipstick and milk bags turn into handbags, and noses, lips and eyes turn into bright decorations.

Playing the role of a magician will help not only a trick with a rabbit in a hat but also an elegant tuxedo paired with free-fit pants.

Big expressive eyes are the best decoration of a woman.



Do not overload the outfit with additional details and colours: bright crystals look most advantageous against a plain background.

If you are counting on instant and unconditional success at a party, without richly decorated clutch and sandals just cannot do. Intricate floral or geometric patterns laid out with large coloured crystals fill with any content with new content.

You can buy such a fashionable bracelet made of natural stones for a New Year’s party in an online store, for example, “Milady”. Where to help you with the selection and delivery of the accessory.



Fur is exclusively winter material, but this does not prevent designers from using it for decorating sandals. Perhaps such an unusual thing deserves an honourable place in a festive wardrobe. Like fur necklaces and bracelets – they instantly revive the most concise outfit.



If gold and crystals immediately catch the eye, then velvet and brocade act delicately — they take no shine, but the texture and are perfectly combined with translucent silk dresses. Clutches and sandals with “tapestry” patterns will suit fans of classical images; accessories with large metallized décor are more daring.

Embroidery with sequins – skilful imitation of crocodile leather.




I have collected everything necessary to fall into childhood for one night and make it elegant and tasteful. The main condition is that there should not be more than two or three nice details in one outfit; otherwise, associations with a children’s matinee cannot be avoided. Shoes of a little princess, for example, combined with a necklace with multicoloured cupids with a bag-star.

Wear a necklace full of mischief cupids with a mini dress.

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