Do you dread the winter?  Icy winds, sub zero temperatures, sidewalks that slip away from under your feet.  Well, don’t. Winter is a season with its own special beauty and all you need to do to enjoy it, is dress right.  If the temperature was always around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, we could all walk around pretty much naked, if that’s your thing, but in winter we need to give our bodies some strategically targeted help.  Which means it’s a great opportunity to enjoy a whole range of winter specific accessories.


Essential?  You think I’m kidding, right?  Well I’m not, sunglasses head up the list because winter sun can pose more of a threat to your eyes than midsummer sun.  Low winter sun shines those harmful UV rays directly into your eyes and snow can reflect up to 85% of UV rays and then there’s those stinging icy winds.  So, yes, not only can you wear sunglasses in winter, you absolutely should.  And if you’re long or short sighted, look into getting prescription sunglasses.  Brands like Ray-Ban have a whole range available, alongside their usual range.


What a great winter accessory, they’ll bring any outfit to life and they are just so cosy to wear.  Without a scarf, your neck is really exposed and when it gets super cold you can pull your scarf up and protect your mouth, nose and ears.  A scarf around your mouth creates a pocket of warm air and there’s research to suggest that by keeping your nose warm, a scarf offers protection against the cold virus.


You can lose up to 50% of your body heat through your head, which makes a hat a definite winter essential, but you knew that, right?  So, the only questions that remain are what styles and how many.  Are you going Parisian chic beret? Boho Cowboy hat? Or out there balaclava? Maybe that old faithful beanie? Woolly hats are warm because the wool traps air, but you really don’t want to get them wet.

Slipper Socks

Go on, give in to their cosy, fleecy, toasty loveliness, you know it makes sense.

Gloves or Mittens?

Maybe mittens remind you too much of being six years old, but they are way warmer than gloves, it’s those fingers wriggling together that make them so.  OK mittens are not great for keys or money or pretty much anything, but if you’re just out for a walk they’re great.  Can’t make up your mind?  Then go for the slightly scary sounding ‘lobster’, a semi mitten which joins index and middle and ring and pinkie, or a mitten with a detachable end which sets your fingers free.  If the thought of not being able to operate your phone is just too much to bear, then try gloves with touch screen compatibility.


Originally worn by South American men as a symbol of power, President Bush wore one to meet the Japanese Prime Minister in 2008, they are now a standard fixture on the catwalk.  Comfortable, comforting, easy to wear, one size fits all, goes with everything, what’s not to like?  Well actually some people detest them, matter of personal taste, I guess.