The first think that comes up in mind when a man wakes up is, what should he wear for office today? Despite having a wardrobe full of clothes, it is always a dilemma as of what to wear every single day. To make matters easier for men we have come up with some basic dressing suggestions which will make life much easier.

Self grooming

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Besides dressing smartly we should also follow clean habits. Cut down your nails regularly; keep your hair neat and tidy. Clean up your ear wax. Don’t grow your beard and mustache too long. Keep it well trimmed and clean. Try to shave if possible. When it comes to perfume, less is always good. Choose a perfume that goes well with your body odor. Remember to shower daily and wear fresh clothes.

Men's guide to Self-Grooming - How to do it ?


Suit is considered as a man’s Holy Grail. Whenever there is confusion as what to wear. It is best to go for a suit. It is safe to have two or three suits in the closet. The perfect way to make a suit look stunning on a man is to stitch it precisely according to ones measurements. Having said that, it is also okay to get it ready made when the fit looks good on you. Choosing the best suit that looks good on you is always a problem. Generally go for a black suit or a grey suit. In addition to these suits you can also go for Navy. If you are a short person go for a single breasted suit or else opt for a double breasted one. It is okay to have thin pinstripes running down the suit, but it shouldn’t be too flashy. Finally, steam and keep them pressed.



When you are supposed to wear a suit, the shirt normally comes along with it. Apart from that if yu consider wearing a shirt, go for a plain light colored shirt because it is always safe. Button your shirt such that you can put a single finger comfortably between the shirt collar and your neck. Wear a full hand sleeve; it looks more pleasant able than that of a half sleeve. It is not compulsory that one should wear only plain shirts. Even stripped shirts too can be worn for work but just keep the design simple.  While wearing a full handed sleeve do not fold the edges, instead button them. And as always keep them wrinkle free and tuck them in.



Normal pants vary from work pants. Work pants should be much formal than that of the pants worn for other occasions. Choose a pant that suits your shirt accordingly. It is always good to select dark colored pants, in this way the same pant can be worn for two, three shirts altogether. Wear a pant which fits you perfectly but it shouldn’t be too loose neither too tight. You should be comfortable and at the same time you should be able to move freely. The place where the pant breaks is also an important factor to consider. Tailor your breaks accordingly or just pick a pant which breaks just enough to cover your shoes.



Wearing a tie is not a compulsion in offices. But wearing one makes you look totally professional. Pick a tie that measures 2.5 to 4 inches wide and also the length should be big enough such that it falls over the belt buckle. The material of the tie can be of any kind; be it silk, linen or cotton. It doesn’t matter. What actually matters is the color and the way the knot of the tie is being tied. The color of the tie should go along with the shirt and the pant. It is advisable to choose a dark colored tie for a light shirt and vice versa. The pattern in the tie is not a big problem but it is good to have simple patterns rather than complex designs. There are lots of ways in tying the knot for a tie. It is okay to tie a simple narrow knot if the person is medium sized. But if he is a broad faced person, it is good to tie the Windsor knot. A tie should never be too loose or too tight. Both the ends of the tie should be well in place.



Sandals are not the way to do it. Recent studies suggest that a person’s personality and hygiene depends on the cleanliness of the footwear he wears. Imagine yourself in a lift with many people around you. Everybody can’t be just looking straight into the others eyes so they would look down on us for a bit. Now you don’t want to be the one who gets embarrassed wearing an ugly pair of shoes. So whatever shoes you wear, keep them neat and tidy. Avoid wearing sneakers and other funky sports shoes for office. Rather opt for leather shoes. Black or brown will do. For socks, keep it simple without any rough patterns in it. Also avoid using white socks. It is easy to spot dirt on them. Stick on to some dark colored socks. Normally the color of the shoes should be same as that of the belt and the color of the socks should be same as that of the pants. Polish the shoes regularly. Also don’t forget to wash your socks!


Other accessories

The other accessories one can have for office include belt, watch and shoulder bags. Leather belts are always the first choice for the people in the work place. Keep in mind that the color of the belt and the color of your shoe should be the same. The buckle of the belt is good to be simple. Avoid using oversized buckles and other extra fittings. When it comes to watch, wear something classy and simple. Avoid oversized dials and funky colored straps. Shoulder bags are useful in carrying important files, laptop and other stationeries’. Having a leather bag is always handy.  So have one.


The way you present yourselves speak a lot about you more than your words actually do. A well dressed man is believed to be the well behaved man. So be the best dressed man in your office. Best wishes.