Love with your hair is the weakness of human beings. Our personality gets affected by the look and quality of hair. One thing that’s complete are looking is soft, smooth and silky hair. But in winter we meant with a hair disaster.

In winter weather is very dry and I would not be wrong in saying that winter is the harassed season for our hair. This all is due the absence of moisture in the hair and scalp.

There is a big need to retain that moisture in the scalp. So proper oiling is must in winter. Oil your hair at least twice in a week. In the process of oil it is very important that oil reaches the scalp and root of hairs. This would give actual strength to your hair.  And to maintain that moisture let your hair in that oiled condition overnight. It is always heard that after one hour we should was our hairs. But for the best result give the oiling massage to your hair in the night and wash it of in the morning.


If your hair is dry, dull and brittle and is unmanageable then you can apply yogurt or curd on your hair. Take curd /yogurt in a bowl and mix it well and gently apply that throughout your hair from scalp to tips. Keep the hair in same condition for about 2 hours and then wash it off.

And one thing you all should remember is that the cold and wind affect your scalp. Use scarf hat and cap to protect your hair from cold wind.

As already you hair has to bear with lots of cold windy environment and your hair has to go through a lot you should not let them exposed to any other chemicals and hair products. In winter you should minimize the usage of chemicals and other products on your hairs. And one more important tip is avoid drying your hair with hairdryer in winter as that you also remove moisture from your hair which is already lacking in your hair. You towel to remove the access water from your hair. This process take time but good for your hairs.

Don’t wash your hair too off in winter as that you help in retaining natural moisture of your hair. And whenever you are washing your hair keep this in mind the water should not be hot. Use cold or warm water to wash your hair.


These few tips can help you protect your hair from the winter effects. But you must remember precaution is always better than cure. Protecting is a better option than going for a treatment. Trust me these small steps can help a lot.


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