The shirts are an incredibly popular item of clothing for men in the summertime and this summer is set to be no different, with shirts being just as popular as ever before. The type and style of shirt you choose to wear in the summer is likely to differ greatly from the kind of shirt you would wear in the winter months, or with a suit to work.  Joining in the summer shirt wearing craze couldn’t be easier, simply follow our simple summer shirt wearing guide.

  • Shirt material: ditch those shirts made of thick and heavy material, the summer is a season for shirts made out of cotton, linen and silks, as they are lighter, more breathable and make you sweat less and have wicking qualities.
  • Summer colours: summer is potentially the best season as you can wear strong and bold colours as well as light and pastel colours, all work equally as well as one another, as do patterned shirts such as striped and checked.
  • Sleeves: if you usually wear long sleeve shirts you may find that these are too warm in the summer, switch to short sleeved shirts instead, these will keep you cooler and make you sweat less. Alternatively choose a shirt with sleeves that roll up and can be pinned back out to the way.
  • Fitting: summer shirts do not usually fit like other shirts such as those you’d wear with a suit, which are more fitted, instead summer shirts are much looser with a more relaxed fit. This helps to reduce sweating in areas where clothing is tight.
  • Shirt length: when selecting a shirt you usually don’t have to worry about the length of it as you almost always have it tucked in neatly, into your trousers and out of the way. Summer shirts, however, are designed to be loose and left hanging out of the trousers, you should therefore make sure they are not too long, a shirt that is considered too long usually covers your backside entirely.
  • Collars: one of the latest crazes for summer shirts are collarless shirts, which are perfect as they make the overall shirt much lighter.
  • Bespoke shirts: when it comes to finding the perfect summer shirt for you, you may find that a bespoke shirt is most suitable, these can be tailored and personalized to you, making you truly stand out from the crowd and have a shirt that adequately reflects your personality.
  • Patterned shirts: with the arrival of summer automatically comes an abundance of colourful, patterned shirt, some very loud and extravagant, which might be perfect for holiday but are not ideal for everyday use.

Shirts are ideal for the summer, not only are they light, fun to wear and often breathable, but they also come in a wide range of designs and can be worn with trousers and shorts alike.

They are also perfect for situations that are formal-casual, where you want to look like you have made an effort, but do not want to sweat under a heavy suit.  It is very important that you tuck your shirt in properly.

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