The sun is very dangerous to the skin. If you expose your skin to the sun long enough, you might get skin damage. You should avoid summer health woes related to your skin by using sunscreen. You would hear these usual things during the summer season. The truth is, these are the things that the sun lotion industry wants you to hear. Yes, these notions were just created for profit.

Sunscreen was created to help people get that perfect suntan without getting the sunburn. Sunscreen is not protection from the sun to avoid summer health woes and skin damage. However, when companies noticed that, there is a lucrative business in producing sun lotion; advertisements started brainwashing people that the sun is bad for the skin.

Not Exposure to Sun, But Lack of Sunshine That Leads to Cancer

Too much exposure to the sun may lead to skin cancer. But the lack of sunshine can cause more harm than health. Without the sunshine, a person will increase his or her risk of heart diseases, lowered libido, depression, reduced immune system, autoimmune disorder, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, bowel diseases, and even weight gain.

Health experts debunked the notion that the sun was the enemy. In fact, they claim that the sun is necessary to staying fit, avoiding diseases, and most of all, feeling good. The sun is necessary because it is the primary source of Vitamin D, which is considered as the most important nutrient you need for your body.

Vitamin D protects an individual from bacteria, viruses, and even cancer. It also regulates blood sugar and insulin. It reduces inflammation and prevents type 2 diabetes. Vitamin D even provides your amazing body benefits such as making your muscle stronger, improves mental performance, promotes better sleep, and helps you lose weight.

If you are depressed or anxious, stay under the sun, because it boosts your serotonin level. Happiness is the best way to overall well-being. If you lack the sunshine, you will be less happy. If you are less happy, you will be very unhealthy. So, do not easily believe the false advertisement about exposure to the sun can only lead to skin damage and that staying away from the sun can help you avoid summer health woes.

Skin Cancer Spiked, But Not Due to Sun Exposure

Yes, for the last 30 years, there has been a significant increase in the cases of skin cancer in the world. But studies found that it is not because of sun exposure. The spike in skin cancer cases is due to the food intake of the people. Another major reason for skin cancer is, ironically enough, sunscreen.

According to reports, after sunscreen was developed, the cases of melanoma increased radically. Studies also revealed that there were more cases of melanoma among office workers than employees who are more exposed to the sun, like lifeguards. In fact, workers who are required to stay under the sun for a longer period for their jobs have lower risks of incurring melanoma.

Other Reasons to Avoid Sunscreen

Besides melanoma, there are various other reasons why you should not use sunscreen. Did you know that sunscreens have 5 different carcinogenic chemicals? Now you see that there is a higher risk of getting cancer-using sunscreen than exposure to the sun.

If you use a sunscreen with an SPF above 8, your skin will not be able to produce vitamin D properly, leading to vitamin D deficiency. Many sunscreens have chemicals that can destroy your endocrine and hormonal system, leading to different bad health conditions. If you want to avoid summer health woes, avoid using sunscreen.

Your body produces melanin, which is a natural substance that protects you from sunburn. Sunscreen actually blocks the production of these natural substances. It is funny how it actually defeats its purpose.

Women who are healthily exposed to the sun reduce their risk of getting breast cancer. Meanwhile men who are exposed to the sun lower their chances of incurring prostate cancer.


If you stay in the sun for too long, you may get skin damage and may lead to superficial skin cancer. Moderation is still important. On the other hand, using sunscreen can increase your risk of getting a more serious type of skin cancer, melanoma.