Leather jackets are amongst some of the hottest materials that you can wear throughout the year. While leather jackets are usually very durable you can extend their life and have the same new look. Contrary to the common belief that you require professional help when trying to care for the leather jacket, you can take simple measures at home that can extend the life of your leather jackets considerably.

This process can be as simple as wiping the leather jacket with a most cloth which will allow remove the dust from the jacket. However, caring for the jacket requires a little more than that. Following are a few tips used by professionals to care for leather jackets

Leather Protectors

When you purchase a good quality leather jacket mostly these jackets are treated in the factory with a coat that protects them from drying out. However, every manufacturer has their own methods and style of treatment so the best thing to do would be to get a leather protector and applying it on the jacket yourself before you start wearing the jacket. There are several leather retailers in the market that sell these protectors in the form of weatherproofing and sealant products.

You can use either of these on your leather jacket. The protectors usually come in the form of cream or a thick liquid that can be rubbed on the jacket a little bit at a time. The protective coating will protect the jacket from soaking up the moisture from rain and air into the garment. It is best to renew this protective coat once every year.


Conditioning and Moisturizing

Conditioners and moisturizers usually come in the form of oils and creams that is to be applied directly to the surface of the jacket. The aim of applying a conditioner is to maintain the suppleness and softness of the jacket from the environment. Conditioning and moisturizing is something that most manufacturers recommend using once a month for jackets that are worn on a daily basis or any time you feel that the surface of the jacket is dry.


Regular checks on the leather

One of the simplest way to increase the life of your jacket is to care for it regularly. This does not have to be a long process and even something like wiping the jacket after you wear it and then drying and cleaning it out before storing. If you spill a liquid on your jacket, it is recommended that you clean it an area that is at room temperature. One of the biggest mistake made by people is that they wipe the jacket with a wet cloth and then try to dry it with heat or fans, this is wrong.

You need to let the jacket dry naturally or if you feel that might still be wet from the wiping use a dry cloth to wipe off the additional water off the jacket. If you wear your jacket in the wintry weather, then make sure that you remove all salts, road chemical etc. from the jacket as they can destroy the garment overtime.


For example, if you purchase a leather jacket online from a website like the Famous Jackets UK, you may see that the jacket has amazing material, however, this material only stay like it is if you care for it. If you have a stain on the jacket, it is not recommended to try and brush it persistently to remove the stain. Instead experts suggest that you gently sponge the jacket with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Once the stain is removed, leave the jacket to air-dry.

Professional Help

 When it comes to getting professional help, most professional leather cleaners have specially designed tools and equipment for caring for the leather jackets. They may also have products that can condition the jacket well for you and make it feel like it is brand new.

However, before you choose to seek professional help you need to make sure you go to the right source. It is best to search for a professional and get reviews about them from people you may know or even off the internet.


If you are not wearing your leather jacket for a long time, then you need to make sure that you store it correctly. This is perhaps the most important phases of leather care. Choose a wide padded hanger so that the jacket stays in shape even when you are not wearing it. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is wrap the leather in a plastic.

Leather needs to breath. If you have no other material available to cover the jacket then you should leave the bag slightly open for ventilation. One of the most important tip to note here is to ensure that you do not fold the leather jacket when storing it. Try to store the jacket flat to avoid creasing and pressing. Finally, keep the jacket in a cool dry place.

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