Leather jackets are high in style and comfort. They provide a very smart and classy look to the personality and are also quite comfortable to wear. These apparels can be worn both casually and formally. This is why; these are loved and worn by Hollywood celebrities in their movies. Find some of the amazing celebrity leather outfits below:

 Superman, Smallville Leather wears:

If you are a superhero fan then you must have seen the famous drama series Superman Smallville. This classy leather piece was worn by Tom Welling, in this drama series in which he played the lead role. This leather attire was the main element that made Tom’s character memorable and also provided him a smart and charismatic appearance on screen. This leather attire provided Tom the desired tough and heroic look which was the demand of his character in the series. Some of the amazing features of this classy leather piece are S logo, viscose lining on the inner side, Stand up collar, front zipper closure, two pockets etc.

 Guardian of the Galaxy leather attire:

One who loves adventure would definitely know about this amazing leather piece. It was worn by Chris Pratt as Star Lord in the famous movie named Guardians of the Galaxy. This leather piece got famous because of its unique design and flawless appearance. It played an important role in providing Chris the right look for his character and was also an essential part of his outfit in the movie. Some of the amazing features of this classy leather piece are stand up collar, inner viscose lining, front closure and four pockets of which two are on the front side whereas the other two are on the inner side of the leather attire. Its color is reddish maroon. You can easily find this leather apparel from the online clothing stores.

Captain America leather apparel:

Just like the male celebrities, female stars are also not behind in wearing classy leather attires. They too love to wear stylish leather apparels. This beautiful leather piece was worn by the most beautiful and talented actress Scarlett Johansson in her movie Captain America. She donned this leather piece so gracefully that it stole millions of people’s hearts and made this leather attire a trend among women. This black colored leather piece has an amazing design and features like a lapel collar, hem, cuffs, buttoned front closure and viscose lining on the inner side.

Hunger Games Leather outfit:

This stylish and amazing leather piece was worn by the popular Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in the famous movie Hunger Games which was released in the year 2012. It has been years now, but this leather attire is still in trend. All thanks to its beautiful design and wonderful features. It provided Jennifer a stylish and glamorous look in the movie. This is why; it is still the preferred choice of many women around the world. This brown colored leather jacket has got superb features like front zipper closure, inner viscose lining, shirt type collar, pockets and hem cuffs, etc.

Tips for keeping leather jacket safe for a long time:

Leather jackets are one of the most used fashion accessories. They provide an impressive and tough look to the personality because of which most of the people, especially youngsters like to wear leather jackest. These are usually made up of high quality leather which makes it costly  and expensive. The best thing about leather jackets is that they can be used for a longer time if  cared properly. Following are a few tips that will help you in keeping your jacket safe:

 After buying a leather wear, quickly apply a stain and water protector on it because it will keep your leather jacket safe from stains or water spots. There are many protectors available in the form of spray or liquid, you can use them for this purpose.

 For keeping your leather jackets in shape for a longer period of time, always hang them in a padded hanger.

 Never use any kind of chemical for cleaning your leather jackets because leathers are usually sensitive to chemicals and can be affected badly if cleaned by any chemical except for the leather cleaners that are especially made for this purpose.

 Use only a damp cloth or sponge for cleaning stains, salt or pepper deposits, or watermarks from your leather jacket.

 In case your leather apparel gets wet, then dry it completely and properly before hanging it in its place. You can also apply a coat moisturizer or conditioner on your leather jacket for this purpose.

 Always keep your leather jackets away from heat because it may affect the texture of your leather jacket.

Leather jackets usually have pores that need air to keep the texture fresh. So never keep your leather jacket in nonporous or plastic bags. Try to keep them in the open air.

 Folding affects the shape of the leather jacket and makes it crack quickly. So, never fold your leather jackets while storing but hang them in an open space.

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