Have you ever wondered if your sexual life is healthy or ever asked yourself what a healthy sex life is and why every woman needs to have it. Many definitions of a healthy sex life exist. However, all the existing definitions can be summarized as one that gives physical and emotional pleasure, and improves one’s personal health.

Mental satisfaction comes with a number of benefits to the lady. Research has shown that women who reach an orgasm during sex not only get the physical pleasure that accompanies sex, but they also get relieved from stress and their general health is also improved.

So how does a sex life benefit your body and mind as a lady? Having an orgasm increases every bit of your health including both the hormonal and appetite. The benefits are discussed as follows:

Controls the appetite

An individual needs to maintain a constant level of appetite in order to avoid cases of overfeeding or total loss of appetite. A healthy sex lifestyle would ensure the woman hits her orgasm. When a woman reaches that point, some biochemical pathways are activated in her body that leads to the release of a hormone known as oxytocin. Studies show that oxytocin is released at its best when you hit your orgasm.

The increase in oxytocin stimulates the release of a cholecystokinin (CCK) hormone, which interacts with orexin neurons in the nervous system. This interaction controls appetite in the body in a complex biochemical reaction. The interaction has also been implicated to regulate sleep. The controlled appetite, therefore, ensures that a person feeds better and, therefore, maintains a healthy lifestyle protecting one from cases of obesity, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. It is important to note that the substance CCK does not increase your appetite but maintains the appetite to a level required for a healthy body.

 Reduced stress

When the body is subjected to stress, the immune system is compromised and also increases the appetite towards carbohydrates foods. The impact of this is that you have a weak immune system, which cannot fight diseases and with the availability of a lot of sugar in the body you are subjected to yeast infections and other diseases that thrive best in the presence of sugars. Having a healthy sex life ensures the body is composed and lowers the stress level of the body. The release of oxytocin during orgasm controls stress and cravings by down-regulating the action of cortisol, a chemical that stimulates the accumulation of belly fat and cravings for carbohydrates.

Decrease inflammation

Apart from helping decrease stress, healthy sex leads to lower blood pressure and improved digestion due to the release oxytocin during sex. Oxytocin interacts with other proteins in the gastrointestinal tract that boost the digestion of food. Proper food digestion saves us from stomach complications that may arise due to indigestion and the inflammation of the digestive tract.

Better sleep

This is another benefit of having a healthy sex, which may not be directly linked to your healthy. However, a better sleep ensures that you are free from stress. During orgasm, a hormone vasopressin is released, and its release accompanies the release of another hormone melatonin that functions to regulate the body’s internal clock stimulating deep sleep in turn. Good sleep boosts your immune system and also relieves stress.

Lighter periods

During orgasm a woman’s uterus muscles contracts. This process gets rid of cramps causing compounds in the body and ensures lighter periods. The improved muscle contractions in the uterus also help squeeze out the tissue and blood and this in turn helps you have short periods and less pain.

Burn calories

It is no longer a myth that sex helps burn calories. During sex, up to 250 calories are burned. This depends on the time length of the sex; more calories can burn if the session is much longer. Cardiologists say that having sex burns calories in an equal manner as work out on a treadmill. A decrease in calories protects one from cardiovascular diseases and many other lifestyle diseases. Having a healthy sex life will make you have the urge for more and, therefore, burn more calories.

Youthful glow

A healthy sex makes one look younger than her age. This is because a woman releases the hormone estrogen, which has an impact of making one look younger. Who wants to look old anyway? The younger a person seems the lesser stressed she becomes as there are a number of stress associated with phenotypical aging. As we have earlier discussed, stress lowers the immune system response to diseases and, therefore, exposes one to the risk of diseases.

Apart from the benefits of the healthy sex life it is also good to ensure cleanliness on the side of partner you are having sex with. As the psychological upbeat brought about by having sex with a dirty person will is one factor that prevents you from hitting the big “O” whose benefits are paramount.

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