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What should I wear on cruise holidays?? Biggest question for travelers when it comes to cruise holidays. Now day’s cruises give diverse options for on- board activities such as poolside lounging, fitness opportunities, casual or formal dining experiences, theatrical shows etc. Plan your attire efficiently prior to travel accordingly the different activities you want to experience on cruise. Remember your cruise wear should be functional yet fashionable at the same time. You need to pack wisely for your cruise trip. You can also check these resort wear for women.

For wise suggestions and tips for outfits what to wear and when to wear at cruise, just scroll down.

Attire advisable for day wear

Well during day time wear clothes which are casual and comfy. Opt for loose clothing like t-shirts, shorts, slacks, tank tops, casual skirt and blouse for girls, trousers. Accessorize with cool sunglasses, hats and other casual stuffs. Go for easy footwear which is rubber-soled, low heels or flats like sneakers, flip-flop, and sandals. High heels are big no on-board during day time and even prohibited on some cruise.

Attire advisable for on-board leisure

Well generally people go on cruise vacations for enjoyment, fun, to rest and relax from the tiring and busy live. So, they prefer various entertaining on-board activities like poolside lounging, spas, fitness centre, shopping, theatrical shows etc. it is advised to wear appropriate attire keeping in mind the activities you are going for.

Poolside lounging-

carry your bathing suits and casual footwear such as flip-flop, sneakers. Also pack extra casual shorts and t-shirts or light weighted cover-ups for your bathing suits for getting in pool areas or going back to your room.

Fitness centre-

most cruise have fitness facilities. So if you any plan for exercise, gym, yoga to remain fit and healthy. Then don’t forget to pack your workout stuffs like t-shirts/ sweat shirts, track pants or gym shorts, leggings for girls, running shoes, two- three pair of socks.


 shopping don’t required any particular attire to wear. You can wear some fashionable, flexible and trendy clothes of your own choice. It should be casual like jeans, Capri, skirts, blouses, shirts, trousers. Whatever you feel pleasant and comfortable. Pack them all.


for spas you don’t require appropriate clothes but after taking spa facilities at least wear bath robe while going back to your room. Don’t roam in elevators, corridors half naked, it might look weird and might be embarrassment for you.

Concerts and live entertainment shows-

well dress appropriately for concerts and shows. You can prefer party clothes for dance and music shows. If you have theme for your concerts and shows, stick to the theme and dress yourself accordingly. For such theme parties check your travel itinerary or consult your travel agent to get information about shows and concerts on cruise voyage.

Attire advisable for dinning

Most of the cruise has plentiful options for dining and night events (captain’s cocktail, gala evenings).  Different cruises lines have their own recommended dress codes for evenings. Well most evenings have casual or semi- formal dress codes but there are one-two dinning nights where you have to dress elegantly and formally. You have to strictly obey the dress codes in dining room. So, check on website whichever cruise line you are travelling how many casual resorts and formal dining are there. Accordingly pack dresses for evening. No shorts, t-shirts, cut –off jeans, flip- flop, sneakers, summer dresses, bathing attire are permitted inside dining room.

Dress code for cruise casual dining-

  • Gentlemen – Sport slacks, khakis, jeans (no cut-offs), dress shorts (long), collared sport shirt.
  • Ladies – Casual dresses, casual skirts or pants and blouses, summer dresses, Capri p

Dress code for cruise elegant /formal dining-

  • Gentlemen – dress slacks and shirts. We suggest you to wear sport coat. Well many passengers opt for truly formals like ties, tuxedos, suits, etc. formal shoes are suggested, no slippers in dining room.
  • Ladies- Cocktail dresses, pantsuits, elegant skirts and blouses, evening gown. High heels will better match with your dress.

Additional attire may include sweaters, light-weight jackets, rain coat which are must to carry. These may help you during weather changes like rain or sudden cold weather during night.

Dress code policy for seven largest cruise lines which North Americans reserve for their holidays are-

  • Carnival cruise line – mostly “cruise casual” but one-two days for “cruise elegant”
  • Celebrity cruise- most smart casual but few formal nights
  • Disney cruise line – they have varieties like formal, semi-formal, casual and dress up (jacket, pantsuit)
  • Holland America – they have formal and smart casual evenings
  • Norwegian cruise line – no formal dress code for evening. For dinner, casual attire like jeans, collared shirts.
  • Princess cruise – smart casual and few formal nights
  • Royal Caribbean international – they have formal, smart casual and casual nights.

Make wise and sensible choice while packing. Since, there is variety of clothes to carry for different activities. Pack in such way it should be simple yet trendy and fashionable so that you can sail in style.

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