Everything starts from the bottom. For e.g.: if you take your job, you will have to start from the very low level and then you should make your climb gradually. The same goes with every aspect of life. But what if starting from the bottom literally means the bottom? Yes it really does. Have you ever wondered why people start looking from our shoes up to our head when it comes to analyzing? It is because our shoes tend to say more about us than anything else does. Keeping it neat and tidy is something well known to us. But it is not obvious as of how to get rid of the stinky odor that emanates from our shoes.

The following are some simple steps to eliminate the smelly bad shoe odor.


  • To get rid of the shoe odor, first you should get rid of your stinky feet. Wash your feet everyday or at least before wearing a shoe. Even then if you find them smelly; soak your feet in a hot water tub containing salt or that of a tub containing black tea, it is said to have astringent properties. Once dry apply some tea tree oil, it makes your feet smell good. Or just spray in some deodorant over your feet. And always wear a fresh pair of socks.
  • Make sure your shoe is always dry. Shoes generally tend to smell when they are wet and not properly dried up. Keep them in the sun and dry them naturally or use a hair dryer and blow them dry. You can also put newspapers inside the shoe and keep them dry.
  • Go in for the shoe that has good insoles. Cedar insoles are said to smell fresh normally. It has got antifungal properties that is said to remove the foul odor caused by the bacteria inside the shoe.
  • If it is okay to wash your shoes then give them a spin in the washing machine. Make them clean and put them in the freezer using a plastic bag. Keep it over the night and dry them up the next day in the sun. These extreme temperatures are said to eliminate the odor producing bacteria.
  • Sprinkle a bit of baking soda inside the shoes. Let them stay over the night. The next morning when you are supposed to wear your shoe give them a tap to remove the excess bit of powder so that you don’t make a powdery trail as you walk along. You can also use an anti-fungal powder instead of a baking powder. It depends on the availability. Either way both work pretty good.


  • Get some fabric sheets or conditioner sheets. They smell good. Put them inside your shoes for a bit. They transfer their pleasant smell on to the insoles of the shoe.
  • Fruits containing citric acid can also be used. Normally citrus fruits peel has essential oils which make the shoes smell a lot better than before. Try using lavender oil too. One or two drops will do.


  • Finally rotate your shoes properly. Don’t always stick to a single shoe. Mix them up a bit. Also, don’t buy a shoe which is too tight or too loose. Get a shoe which is comfortable walking. Make sure your feet get the proper amount of air circulation. Without air, your feet may suffocate which will lead to sweat and odor.