Together forever, never apart

May be in distance, but never in heart…. : SITUATION OF THOSE IN LONG DISTANCE RELATION

Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain with higher risk of potentially ruining the relationship, but it’s not impossible to sustain it. What all it requires is simple adjustments to your attitude and lifestyle. There is always this stigma of “ they don’t work” attached to it. To make it work it requires careful navigation by those involved to drive through the obstacles and protect it from getting it ruined. Plenty of emotional preparation is needed to make it work. But yes potential pitfalls can’t be avoided. They need to be dealt with properly. Here some of the suggestions in this regard:

  1. Communication must take place every day and even many times within a day: As seeing each other face to face won’t be possible, it requires an emotional connect with the person. Discussing daily happenings will provide the sense of being connect. Hail the technology, there are various mediums to stay connected like instant messenger, web chat and similar such ways.
  1. Take out time from your work schedule: Each one is busy but still taking out time from the work can help one stay close to their loved one. Even if one is not so busy then to deviate their mind they can take up any work or may pursue a new hobby.
  1. Plan to meet quite often: Try to meet as often as much as possible. Depending on phone call won’t be enough. Giving a chance to see each other in person can do wonders. Spending quality time is always desirable in any relation be It watches a movie or going to a favorite restaurant or doing any activity of common interest. Regular schedule if you can; if not possible, then make plans for the next meet up.



  1. Support each other, even over the distance: This is expected and very much considered as a duty to support the partner in every trouble. Make sure you are available so that they can easily contact you. If they are trying to Solve the problem on their own will undermine your value which will mean they no longer need you.
  2. Make the conversation interesting: One way could be to make your partner curious by speaking in a way that makes the partner eager. Like  leaving the topic in the middle of  the ongoing discussion or posing request in return for answering two questions. Curiosity makes the conversation, intense. Secondly, try to pass on the knowledge by sharing interesting  stuff or telling about the expertise in any area. Boring and predictable topics shouldn’t be considered.
  3. Trust building: No one can control the other person. Each person is master of his own will. So keep this in mind and try to build trust on your partner. Unnecessary control leads to higher chance of being ditched. If having any doubts then clear it through talks without any fear. Talk can keep together across the distance. Have an optimistic approach and don’t pay heed to any negative aspects of long distance relationship.

So, if having a lovely long distance relationship is your goal, then I recommend that you take the time and read it all.

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