Being in a long-distance relationship can be challenging, and even stressful if not handled well. Most people will admit that proximity plays a very important role when it comes to love matters. However, that does not mean that such relationships cannot work. The important thing for you to do is to learn the how you can cultivate trust and keep it going. So, the big question is: “How do you trust someone you don’t see often?” Well, some of the ways you can do this include:

  1. Respect privacy:

No matter how far your partner is, do not keep infringing into their privacy in an effort to establish your presence in the relationship. Understand that even though you are in a relationship, there are still boundaries that define you as individuals. Keep the privacy line intact, and show them that you trust them so much, without having to continually get into their business.

  1. Know his friends:

Even though you are in a long-distance relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should distance yourself emotionally. Connect with him and know his friends so that you can contribute in conversations about his friends. It also shows that you trust and love him, and you want to be a huge part of his life – including knowing his friends.

  1. Listen:

Your partner needs you to be an active listener to details about their lives, regardless of where they are. The same way you appreciate it when he gives you an ear when you want to talk, he would also appreciate if you did the same. Listen to him, reassure him that your love is still intact, and basically, show him that you care.

  1. Be open:

One of the main reasons why long-distance relationships fail is because of lack of openness. Communicate what you feel openly. If you need clarification on some issues, feel free to air them. If you want to talk about new developments in the relationship, do not keep it to yourself. It is through openness that you get to understand and trust each other more.

  1. Discuss about expectations:

For your relationship to run smoothly, do not be afraid to talk about your expectations. What exactly do you want from the relationship? How often do you feel you should communicate and visit each other? When you make the expectations clear, it is easier for the relationship to develop deeper since both of you know what you want.

  1. Be patient:

Long-distant relationships require a lot of patience. You must be ready to wait until your partner comes back. You should also be willing to bear the loneliness of not having your partner close by – at least for a season. It is through the patience that trust is built and probably cemented in both of you.

  1. Be supportive:

Do not think that being in a long-distance relationship is hard on you alone. Even your partner is feeling it. So, be supportive and try to understand why they are not with you are the moment. Support them, and keep reassuring them that your heart is still with them, no matter the distance.

  1. Remember special days:

Your partner will only know that you think about them often if you remember the special days. Do something nice and special for valentines, birthdays, anniversaries or any other special day. Do not wait to be reminded. You do not have to be there to make it special. You can have a gift delivered, or even write a hand written letter to show them just how much you miss them.

  1. Plan together:

To make a long distance relationship work, you have to involve each other in your plans. Your partner has to feel like they are a part of you, and you do things with them on your mind. It makes them feel that you have invested your time and emotion on them, and this makes them trust you more.

10 . Value your promises:

Every promise you give – make it happen. Well, at least try. If you promise to visit, do your best to make that visit. If you promised to call, don’t make them wait while wondering if you still care. The moment you give a series of broken promises, the trust goes too and ultimately, the relationship will break.

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Long distance love by Dvortygirl, on Flickr

These are some of the top 10 things you can do to make a long distance relationship work. Always remember that it takes a lot of sacrifice, continuous assurance and most of all, love, for any relationship to work.

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