In this modern world, there is not even a single thing without a choice. Everyone is gifted with the ability to make choices. The same goes with choosing over sunglasses too. There are plenty of sunglasses available in the market. You can’t just pick up a glass and walk out. Not every glass will suit you. So what are the things that you should look for to find the sunglass that suits you? Here are Tips for choosing Sunglasses that suit you

Faces and Shapes:

The first thing you should do before running on to the store for purchasing a sunglass is that you should determine the shape of your face. Have you ever wondered on how to determine the shape of your face? Click a picture of your face close enough such that your entire face is covered. Draw a line along the edges of your face with a pencil. You are likely to end up in any of the following shapes: round, oval, oblong, triangle, diamond and square. Based on the shape of your face you can pick up your sunglass. This way it will be more presentable on you. If your face is,

Round: Square shaped or rectangle shaped glass with thick frames.

Oval: Oval faced persons have wider range of glasses to choose from because most frames go on them. Square and wrap around frames for sure.

Diamond: Firstly go for a frame that makes your face look big. Secondly prefer a rimless or an oval framed glass.

Square: Look for glasses with blunt and rounded edges which are equipped with thin frames.

Oblong: Go for glasses with wider frames.

Triangle or heart: Cat eye styles and round edged frames.

Skin tone and hair color:

When you have decided on the shape and the frame of your glass, it is now time for you to decide on the color of the frame. The color of the frame should go along with the skin tone and the color of your hair. Not everyone is blessed with a glossy hair and a beautiful skin. Every person is different. We are either warm or cool toned. Warm toned people are characterized by their brown, hazel or amber eyes with black, blonde, red or brownish hair. Whereas cold toned people are characterized by their blue, green or gray eyes with blonde, black or browned hair. Also if your veins look greener you are said to be warm toned and if it looks bluer then you are said to be cool toned. Warm toned people look good when they wear gold, copper, khaki and bright red colored frames. Whereas cool toned people look good in black, blue, magenta and tortoise colored frames.


Looking through the lens:

Finally we can get to choose the lens that we need to put on with the sunglass. To be honest lenses are the most important thing in a glass. Be it a sunglass or a power glass. It is through this you see the world. Buy lenses that can protect you from ultraviolet rays. There rays are harmful to our eyes. Scratch resistant lenses which are light weighted can be given foremost priority. The color of the lenses does matter too. Based on your purpose you can select the color of the lens accordingly. Yellow and amber colored sunglasses block most of the sky and are not suitable for driving. A gray colored sunglass slightly reduces the light intensity and does not distort colors to a larger extent. Brown lenses are suitable for hunters and snow sports people. Blue and green colored lenses enhance the contrast of a tennis ball.

When it comes to purchasing, we always have our own ideas. So don’t hesitate to pick the glass you like. But remember to check if it looks good on you and fits you perfectly.