The most annoying thing that many of us face today while stepping out is, looking for the dress that we have dreamed of wearing for the occasion. Of course it is tiresome to find out our favorite outfit among the whole bunch of entire wardrobe that lay in front of us. So why haven’t we organized our wardrobe before hand? After all organizing our closet helps us in reducing the time consumption and also keeps us from biting our nails down.

Cleaning Empty the contents from your wardrobe first. Either you drag them all messy or empty them one by one. You can do it anyway you want. After emptying the closet wipe off the dust and clean them properly. You can also use floor cleaners a bit. Once you have cleaned the closet, place newspapers on to the racks so that your clothes doesn’t get dusty and stuff. Don’t place the papers wholly just fold them so that it fits the dimension of the rack.

Sorting Separate your clothes according: to the season, special occasioned clothes and by your preference. Normally we wear clothes, according to the season we are in. So during a summer season it is best to keep the clothes that are best suited in the top rack. This way it can be easily picked up without much confusion. There are certain clothes which are meant to be worn for special occasions such as marriages, birthdays and many more; keep them up together separately. Also there are clothes that are closer to your heart and that can be worn for every single occasion; make them too as a group.

Arranging Now that you have separated your clothes according to the above mentioned preferences, you can now put them in place. The clothes that are worn often and that which go well with all the occasions could be put on to the hanger. It is always easy to pick our dress from the hanger. Put them on and return them back to the closet; to be precise on to the hanger. Yes it does need to be washed; don’t you ever skip. Next arrange the clothes according to the present weather prevailing in your livelihood. Put them all in the first rack. This rack can also contain the dresses that you are fond wearing. Put the other clothes in the sequential order of the remaining seasons that are to follow.

Dumping After arranging all your clothes in the closet, you will surely find some clothes that don’t fit your description and just fall apart from the rest of your collection; get rid of them. Because you are never going to use them and perhaps you could save some space back in the closet. Donate them to an orphanage. At least it would be of some use to them.

We are not so tempted to organize our closets so often. But if you do spend some time getting them organized it would be of great yield.

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