People nowadays are so wrapped up with so many different things and thoughts, what with all the information floating about for anyone to grab. This data overload can, most of the time, cause you stress and anxiety. So much so that instead of shutting down for some sleep, the mind is kept fully awake. Whatever it is that is keeping you from getting the amount of sleep that you should have, there is an easy and simple solution that you can try. Much is being said about weighted blankets being effective in promoting restful sleep instead of taking medications which can have detrimental side-effects in the years to come. Investing in a weighted blanket have great benefits as attested by the testimonials of weighted blanket-users at Read on to know more reasons why you need to have a weighted blanket as part of your bedspread.

  1.  Relaxing and Calming

If you are one of those persons who start their day grumpy and feeling heavy, almost always in the mornings, you probably did not get the amount of rest that your body needs. Different people have different sleep patterns and schedules also based on the activities during the day. If you spend a part of your precious sleeping time still tossing and turning, maybe it would be an excellent idea for you to get a weighted blanket and test its calming and relaxing effects. Quite a number of people have been happy with the quality of sleep they get under the weighted blanket making them feel relaxed and refreshed in the morning.

  1.  Avoid Taking Medication

There are some people who avoid taking medication and look for alternative treatment instead. If you are one of those who does not like taking meds to lull you to sleep, the weighted blanket just might be the simple solution for you. The weighted blanket was engineered to help your body relax and reach the right amount of sleep you need based on its weight on your body and the texture of the material used.

  1.  Prevent Occurrence of a Migraine

Some migraines or headaches are due to lack of sleep. The weighted blanket may be an answered prayer to those who suffer from chronic headaches brought about by fluctuations in the blood pressure. It has been observed that the release of hormones dopamine and serotonin regulates blood pressure and the use of heavy blanket makes this possible and releases the person from the clutches of a migraine.

  1.  Achieve Deep Sleep

Studies on using weighted blankets found out that sleep time increased when movement during sleep decreased. Heavy blankets have also been observed to help achieve the deepest stage of sleep when dreaming is reached, which is also the time that the body gets the best rest while sleeping.

  1.  Feeling Secure and Protected

People who have been using the weighted blanket are also complimenting that it makes one feel secured and protected while sleeping. The heavy blanket gives a sense of security that makes you feel cuddled and safe during the night.

There is no mention of ill-effects of using a weighted blanket. People who have tried and tested the heavy blanket only has praises except for maybe a higher price than your usual blanket. Thinking of the benefits above that you may gain from using a weighted blanket will eventually outweigh the initial high price that you must shell out, and it will be quite a good investment because a blanket is not something you’ll frequently buy.