Unique prints for a prom dress- as much as it sounds pretty – it is indeed!

Statement prints have lately emerged as one of the best ways to dress up for special occasions like prom, homecoming, sweet sixteen, and more. Selected wisely, printed styles of prom dresses are sure to make their way in 2019 wish list. Ditching the all-plain and all-same styles, a touch of prints can transform even the dullest of the evening prom dresses stand out.

The best thing is, a unique print instantly catches the attention and turns any dress into a more creative, trendy, and elegant one. So now that we are talking about the print prom dresses and homecoming dresses, let’s check out five new styles that will dominate 2019 prom season!

Here we go:

1:- A Fuchsia Floral Prom Gown with Printed Top


Planning for your upcoming prom party? Why not try the lavish collection of 2019 prom dresses and pick a fuchsia floral number for the night? A floral dress in a fabric like fuchsia is sure to slay every other look at your prom. Accompanied by a floral bodice and a long skirt, you can opt for something elegant and pinkish to give the feel of a Disney character straight away from the move.

In 2018, a lot many celebrities were seen switching to floral evening gowns and two-piece dresses at events. So we are pretty sure, the 2019 prom dresses collection will be topped by unique prints too!

2:- A Plunging Back Belt Dress With Unique Prints All Over


Image Source: Couturecandy.com

Plunging necklines look stunning and hot – so they make for the best styles for prom, homecoming, and other special occasion. Dazzling multi-color prints, plunging v-style back, and bold color – that’s all you need in a perfect prom dress! Not only it gives the look and feel of sophistication but also there are many more reasons to love this style.

The beautiful variety of unique prints for prom dresses upgrade the x-factor of the overall design. Make sure you pick a dress with long-enough skirt with flair and a belt at the midriff to bring more eyeballs to your waist. You can also opt for lace prom dresses with plunging backs and full sleeves to dress your best.

3:- A Satin A-Line Sleeveless Two-Piece Dress With a Floral Skirt


Sleeveless is always in fashion and when clubbed with a two-piece dress, the look can give anyone a chill. You can opt for an A-line two-piece dress in light colors with the skirt having some adorable big floral prints and a plain top. Make sure you don’t pick a two-piece prom floral dress with prints on both the top and skirt. Fabrics like satin work the best with this style of prom dress and is guaranteed to make its way in the collection of 2019 HoCo and prom dresses.

4:- A Strapless Velvet Floral Gown With a Sweetheart Neckline


Velvet is the fabric that reflect royalness, elegance, and class. Why not try something different with velvet at your 2019 prom! Try a bold velvet floral dresses with a beaded overskirt to leave everyone stunned at the party. A floral overskirt works well with plain velvet bodice in a sweetheart neckline.

Prom is all about looking pretty and this style will undoubtedly make you look drop dead gorgeous!

5:- A Ruched Bodice Dresses With Multi Floral Print


So you know floral is the new black in the coming season and ruched styles are evergreen – so why not blend the two to try an amazing and charming ruched bodice dress with multi floral print! Shades of pink, cream, lavender work the best with this style – giving you the look and feel of a well-dressed, pretty lady at the homecoming or prom party.

So consider these five ideas and choose your personal favorite look for the 2019 prom, homecoming, or other special occasion!