Practicing yoga offers numerous benefits like weight loss, flexibility in body, fight against diseases, bring calm and peace in mind and soul, gives beautiful glowing skin and many more. But now days everyone doesn’t get time to hit to gym classes every day. People have busy and stressful life throughout the days that they can’t go for gym classes.

Not only time but money, proximity, all these factors also hinder you from joining yoga classes. The advancement in technology and increase in net users has made people life easier, comfortable and given solution to many problems. From shopping to dating, banking to teaching, from internet one can do almost anything, then why not opting for yoga classes. On YouTube there millions of yoga classes videos where one can learn yoga from net itself. Then why need to spend money and take out time for yoga classes. One can easily learn yoga and keep themselves fit without wasting even a penny and do according to their own time preference.

Some of the best yoga classes from YouTube are listed below

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is a yoga classes on you tube channel run by Adriene Mishlera, from Austin, Texas. She is an excellent yoga teacher.  She gives training on kundalini- inspired style which focuses on self- awareness, inner potential, arousing one’s spiritual energy. She is known as down to earth yogi. Her class’s duration is from 20- 60 minutes. Her beginning 30 days online yoga classes are best place for beginners to learn easy moves of yoga. Every new video is posted on Wednesday.

Tara stiles

Tara Stiles are a former model and dancer, now turned into yoga instructor. She had started her own studio known as strala (a type of yoga on movement based) in New York and had online version too named as strala at home. Her straight forward approach to yoga classes and meditation are much admired by people. Tara stiles is known for her quick tricks to challenging ones includes couch yoga, hotel yoga, yoga for weight, yoga for strength core. Her class duration is from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

Ekhart yoga

Esther Ekhart is a host and instructor of ekhart yoga, online classes for yoga. She is an expert in hath and vinyasa yoga. Her yoga lasts in a minute to an hour also as well. Her videos deal with yoga for seniors, yoga for pregnancy, restorative yoga, yoga for weight loss, etc.

Yoga journal

Yoga Journal is an extension of its publication “yoga journal” started yoga classes from same name online which instruct on yoga and yoga lifestyle. The routine is more technical and uses a lot of Sanskrit words even. It gives 360-degree view for better understanding and clarity on the poses given in its publication.

Sarah Beth yoga

Sarah Beth yoga channel gives a guide on various yoga practices like restorative, power and strength, vinyasa and hath yoga and many more. One can check out for 20-30 minutes yoga classes or opt for seven days challenge (introducing 15-minute mat session for a week).

Fight master yoga

Fight master yoga online classes are 90 days yoga program hosted by Lesley fight master.  The 15- 45-minute videos aims to create healthy yoga habit.  The yoga classes highlights on Vinyasa yoga, Flow yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga for beginners, Prenatal Yoga, Intermediate Yoga, Yoga handstands, Yoga Headstands, Yoga inversions, etc.

Psyche truth

Psyche’s truth is known for its Swedish massage tips but also introduces yoga class’s videos too. These yoga poses classes highlight on yoga for relaxation, yoga for energy, yoga for a workout, yoga for pain relief yoga for menstrual cramps even. They also have videos on weight loss for five days challenge with 20 minute each.

Kino yoga

Kino Mc Gregor runs has an active yoga classes on you tube channel. This channel primarily focus on yoga for beginners and ashtanga yoga in modern form which deals with breathing patters and movement of holding positions. Of you desire for flexibility, Kino guidance is the best. They also offer yoga series for kids too.

Yoga house

Yoga house would be ideal choice for those who are in search for guidance and practice on different types of yoga such as bikram, power, ashtanga yoga etc.  This channel is more indulge in practice of pore movement and poses rather than cosmic link between yoga and surrounding life forces.

Yoga online

Yoga online is a blend of both male and female yoga instructors unlike other yoga classes online. The other main feature of their classes that makes it distinctive is that their main aspects are mind- body connection of yoga rather than focusing only on physical benefits.

Now you must have got the idea which online classes to join. So, what are you waiting for ‘takeout your mat and start practicing yoga in comfort of your home. Practice yoga daily and stay fit and healthy for life time.

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