1. Be Unperfect

Nobody is perfect. You don’t need to be either. A lot of people develop these tendencies at a young age. Completion of homework on time or making time for all your hobbies and tuition classes. What we fail to realize is that it was easier to maintain this habit as a kid, but life gets complicated as we grow up. Everything cannot be perfect. You have to let go off a few things and hold to some. Perfection would drain you out both psychologically and physically, and you would end up achieving nothing. Life is all about imperfection. That’s what makes us who we are. Imagine if everything was perfect. What would make you want to achieve more? Sometimes, go with what you already know and have. Be real, be awesome, be you – just don’t be perfect. Strive for excellence, not perfection.

  1. De- urbanise

No doubt on how much technology has revolutionized our lives, but it has also created an endless work day that just never seems to end. Switch off your phones and gadgets and enjoy your moments. Make quality time true quality time. Don’t send “just one email” to your boss while you are out for a picnic, and don’t text while watching a movie. Finding the right balance of when and how to use technology can break or make your life. The change is difficult, but needed and it certainly will improve the way you live your life.

  1. Relax and work out!

No matter how busy we are, we make out time to eat, go to the bathroom or sleep. The first thing that we chunk out, or never started in the first place is working out. Not only does it help stay fit but also relieves you of your stress and makes you feel peaceful and sleep better. It lifts your mood and pumps feel- good hormones into your body.


Start small, say with meditation for 5 mins in a day. Slowly, increase it to 30 minutes a day. Studies say that exercise helps you age well too. Women are prone to a condition called osteoporosis. Regular exercise like jumping, running, walking could keep your bones strong. Also, eat healthy and stop drinking and smoking. This not only provides a short term relief but improves your lifestyle for a longer run.


  1. Purify

The most important thing in our hand is the list of people and things that we choose to have in our lives. Purify your lives by identifying and removing the unnecessary. This list varies for every person, so don’t copy. Restructure your lives to give more time to the important people. The better you get with yourself, the better you get at other areas of your lives.

Stop wasting time. Limit every activity. Don’t surf Facebook for a good two hours or watching TV while you should be running errands. Find ways to limit unwanted interactions. And more importantly make time for yourself. Have some “Me” time. The better you know yourself, the better position you are in to understand others.

  1. Start small. Go strong

Stop setting big short term goals. Don’t expect yourself to complete them. Set small goals. Have a deadline for them. Manage your time and activities to keep pace with your calendar. Every big thing starts small and slowly grows to become the titan it is. You started small, the burj khalifa used to be a stone and companies used to be just an idea. The challenge for a lot of us is that as we go through our lives, we come across so many big things and we forget or don’t even know how they started.

It is easy to be intimidated by starting big. When you start and achieve small goals you get the required encouragement to go bigger.