The warm, late-spring breeze means that it is time to scout for a new burkini to wear once the water is warm enough for a dip; nothing compares to the day when you forget about the term “layering”. Your burkini of choice should be both functional and fashionable regardless of your beach or pool activities e.g. picnicking with family, water sporting or socialising with friends.

Scroll down to see the top burkini trends for summer 2016 — there are plenty to choose from!

Trend #1: Sequins and sand

img 59

Kylie Jenner is hardly the fashion role model for modest girls but there is no reason to not draw inspiration from one of the most talked about Coachella look. It is hardly practical (it must be very uncomfortable to sit) but fun to be photographed in. Channel this look in the form of a burkini by finding one that is lightly adorned with sequins that are either in similar or complementary colours as the base

Trend #2: Ombre it up

Ombre has been everywhere in the recent years—hair, clothes and accessories. Therefore, it is no surprise when it finally hits the swimwear catwalks this season. If you have been itching to get on the ombre bandwagon, it is time to do so with an ombre burkini in muted shades of pastels or clashes of complementary colours.

Trend #3: No frills

It has been an exciting few years in the swimwear market—it has been overflowing with pieces (burkinis, bikinis and one-piece suits) that get fancier by the year. While many women love the intricate and ornate elements (crochet, lace, fringes, pompoms etc.), there are those who prefer clothing that is less ornate. This summer, ladies with a minimalist style will have more options as more designers showcasing simpler silhouettes and monochromatic colour schemes that do not instantly scream “look at me!”.

Trend #4: Simple lines

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Summertime stripes, especially the traditional blue and white ones, are always a crowd pleaser. Burkinis this summer have a wide variety of stripes across the bodice from thin tight stripes to blocks of stripes on the hems.

Trend #5: Sporty spice

Have you ever wanted to jump into the water after a quick jog in the summer heat? Many modest girls do not really have that option because it was not viable. This summer, athletic-style swimwear has made its way into the form of a burkini. Choose a loose silhouette for a jog along the coast or a game of beach volleyball on the beach. A sleeker one will be more appropriate for water sports.

Trend #6: Cut-outs improvisation

img 56

The cut-out one-piece is one of the most coveted trends in the swimwear market—obviously, it is hardly appropriate for modest girls because a cut-out monokini tends to look like a bikini held with random pieces of strings. Improvising the trend to a burkini equivalent seems to be designers’ priority this season with colour-block play and detachable bodice.

Trend #7: Shalwar-kameez inspired

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A shalwar kameez is a South Asian traditional dress that consists of a shalwar (pantaloons or pants) and a kameez (long shirt). This beautiful costume has inspired many burkini designers—you will either see it incorporated in terms of the A-line silhouette or the prints on the burkini itself.

Enjoy summer being comfortable in your body

A burkini should make you feel confident that your modesty is well-looked-after and reflects your personality and style. Despite the controversy stirred by burkini detractors earlier this year, you should not be discouraged to wear something modest to the beach. It’s time to #takebackthebeach your way and respond to haters like the queen you are.