In the present time dealing with pollution has become very common. Every trace of dust, smoke or ash has the potential of causing huge damage to the human body including skin and hair. Pollutants can cause irritation in the scalp, damaged hair leading to hair fall, dryness, split ends, etc.

Research has revealed that people living in urban areas are more prone to suffer from hair problems and Hair Damage caused by air pollution as compared to people living in villages or rural areas. The reason is high-level pollution in urban areas because of excess use of vehicles, the presence of factories releasing harmful gases and a drastic fall in the numbers of trees. On the contrary, rural areas are rich in a number of trees that reduce the presence of pollutants.

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Ways to Prevent Hair Damage

It is not wrong to say that getting rid of pollution is an impossible affair. The only option is to take good care of hair and preventing the sauces from causing damage. Some of the ways of preventing hair damage are as follows:

Hair Damage 2


Cover hair and head

One should ensure to properly cover their head and hair completely with the help of a hat or a scarf. This way one can prevent to get in touch with the pollutants directly. Also, one should avoid keeping the hair open as this increases the possibility of having split ends. Instead, one should keep their secured by tying it properly with a good quality hairband.

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Avoid/Minimize the use of mechanical tools

As discussed above hair frequently exposed to pollutants can prone to damage and the use of mechanical tools adds to the damage. Use of hairdryer, straighteners, electric curlers increases hair dryness causing damage. One cannot avoid the effect of pollutants but can avoid the use of tools causing damage. This way eliminating the use of mechanical tools can avoid hair damage.

Hair wash

It is important to understand that pollutants first gather on the hair cuticle, which can easily be washed off. This is the reason why it is important to wash hair every day. In addition, washing hair can also eliminate the risk of itchiness and dandruff. One should ensure to use only a mild sulfate-free shampoo, also focus more on the scalp cleaning.

Deep Condition

Opting for deep conditioning is very beneficial for hydrating dry hair and repairing the damaged hair. Hair condition helps in adding moisture which is depleted when hair is exposed to pollution. Along with conditioning undergoing a hair spa is also very helpful in maintaining the required amount of moisture in the hair and also maintaining the scalp oil. Hair spa provides a required amount of nutrition to hair.

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Use of hair serum

The use of good quality hair serum regularly helps in protecting the scalp and cuticle of the hair. It is advised to use hair serum on wet hair than dry. Just one or two drops of serum is sufficient for nourishing medium length hair. Don’t add the serum directly on the scalp, instead; first, rub the serum in the palm and then apply it on wet dry hair. The use of an excessive amount of hair serum can make the hair greasy.

Taking proper care helps to avoid hair damage and adds in improving the quality of hair.